Wild Fire Tees to make first Black Forest fire donation

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Wildfire Tees got its start last summer, in response to the Waldo Canyon fire. This year, the company is back – selling limited-edition t-shirts with profits going to assist victims of the Colorado wildfires.

On June 20, the organization will contribute its first donation for the Black Forest fire when it presents a check of $75,000 to the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, 730 N. Nevada Ave.

Since the Black Forest Fire broke out a week ago in Southern Colorado, the group has sold $216,000 worth of t-shirts. When combined with the $635,000 in sales after last summer’s Waldo Canyon Fire, WildFireTees.com has seen a total gross revenue of $851,000.

Made up of members of southern Colorado’s design and marketing community, WildFireTees.com got its start after the horrific Waldo Canyon Fire in 2012.

WildFireTees.com will continue to donate 100 percent of its profits to the Pikes Peak Community Foundation and other organizations who are providing relief to wildfire victims throughout the state.