Sports broadcaster goes solo with new idea

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Alan Fox will never beat the scenery at Garden of the Gods Club, but he hopes to develop his new business enough to live off it.

Alan Fox will never beat the scenery at Garden of the Gods Club, but he hopes to develop his new business enough to live off it.

Some primary and secondary schools broadcast sporting events so students, parents and interested others may conveniently share the experience with their loved ones. But what are the options for those that don’t offer such a service?

After spending decades as both a sports and broadcasting enthusiast, Alan Fox thinks he’s found a solution.

Fox, a 54-year-old Colorado Springs native with years of experience in sports and radio, realized while attending a game last April that some members of the many military and working-class families along the Front Range are unable to attend.

“They didn’t get to be there for their children’s special moments,” Fox said. “There are parents that really care about their kids and aren’t able to be there.”

Although he works full-time as sales and catering coordinator at the Garden of the Gods Club, his leftover time and energy are seemingly dominated by his passions. Fox knows sports and how to broadcast them, so in June he incorporated the two into Your Personal Broadcaster and put his theory to the test.

“Alan’s love for sports is incredible,” said Rosa Falu-Carrion, a former Springs resident who once worked with Fox at the GoG Club. “And his passion for wanting to work in radio or television was extremely evident. So when he told me about his plan to bring his love and passion together into one business, it was GENIUS!”

Experience in and on the field

The self-characterized “sports nut” was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1959 while his father was in the Army, moved with his family to Colorado Springs when he was 3 years old — and has been here ever since.

“There are parents that really care about their kids and aren’t able to be there.”

– Alan Fox, YPB owner


During his time in the Springs, Fox has been extremely active in sports media. He fills in as the I-25 Speedway track announcer; is the host of Fox on Sports, an ESPN radio show for Southern Colorado on KREL 1580 AM; and has announced and broadcasted games all over.

“Let me put my lifetime of sports enthusiasm and experience to work for you,” Fox says on his website, “Football, basketball, hockey, soccer, lacrosse, tennis, any sport that your child is involved in can be made into something special.”

Goals to score

The entrepreneur says that he’s been hard at work finalizing insurance details, filing for a limited liability company designation and setting up the framework for Your Personal Broadcaster.

But even before all of that, Fox did his research.

He said recording and selling broadcasts of sports games can be a tricky trade because of hurdles such as copyright law, contractual issues and the varying policies of schools, school districts and sports organizations like the Colorado High School Activities Association.

“I want to be on the straight and narrow, and do this right. I want this to be completely legal and different and I want to be the first person to do it,” he said. “Everyone I’ve talked to about it has said it’s a great idea and the first step is getting that first customer.”

Fox doesn’t yet have any customers, but said that the ball just began rolling this month and that he is in talks with athletic directors and sports organizations in both the Colorado Springs and Denver markets.

The YPB business plan will offer customers online streaming of the recorded game — including Fox’s play-by-play commentary — from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.) for up to 20 listeners for a flat rate of $200. That rate also includes month-long access to an archived copy of the recording for people with tight schedules, limited Internet access or who are separated by multiple time zones.

Fox said that he hopes soon to acquire some good contracts, make up for his $6,000 in startup costs — which paid for an iPhone, recording equipment, a good computer and business-related fees — and eventually become profitable enough to expand to video broadcasting.

“I’d love to get to $60,000-$70,000 a year and get the video side of things up and running,” Fox said. “I want to get my foot in the door and get this thing up and running. Get bills paid off and help some people out. This is a way for people to experience a great moment in their kids’ lives.”

If his venture is successful, which some say it will be, Fox said that he will end his 12-year stint at the GoG Club to devote his full attention to becoming your personal broadcaster.

“I believe he is going to do great,” Falu-Carrion said. “Colorado Springs has a very large military family community, as well as a fairly large commuter community. Lots of families can’t attend the sporting events due to distance or work schedules, and this is the perfect way to not miss those ‘great moments in sports.’”

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