New form of malware harms Springs businesses

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153548609A new computer virus made its debut in Colorado Springs this week – and officials at Colorado Networks say it demands urgent attention.

The malware unleashes a program that encrypts files and folders, including network shared folders, said Jeff Beauprez, president and CEO of Colorado Networks.

“It then demands a payment of $300 to recover those files,” he said. “A timer also starts and if the payment is not made within that time frame, the encryption keys are lost.”

At this time, there is no recovery of the files, he said. If backup directors have not been impacted, those files might be usable.

The malware hit on Tuesday, he said, and companies across the region are reporting being hit by it. Colorado networks is working with the FBI cyber lab and the Western Cyber Exchange to resolve the threat.

If attacked, businesses should take the following steps:

– If a screen appears stating that files are encrypted, immediately remove the network cable from the workstation to provide limits to the attack.

– All company staff should be restricted from social media, gaming or non-work related websites.

– Backup of data is imperative, but even those files are subject to attack.

– Contact IP providers for the next steps.

One Response to New form of malware harms Springs businesses

  1. This is article awfully alarmist to not provide any details. E.g. What is the delivery mechanism (deceptive web site/download, USB/Autorun injection, zero day exploit, unpatched vulnerability exploit, SQL injection…)? Can it be blocked by blacklist, firewall rule, patch, or by disabling Java plugins? Are only Microsoft OSes vulnerable? Are there removal tools available from A-V providers such as Symantec or McAfee? To leave this as “block social sites and contact IP providers” does NOT provide a service to this community and lowers this article from one that informs to one that just starts rumors and stirs fear.

    Gregory Hardt
    September 20, 2013 at 3:25 pm