Business ideas needed for 2014 General Assembly

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In last week’s Business Journal, state Rep. Pete Lee asked business leaders to send him ideas for legislation for the next session of the General Assembly.

In the article,  Lee asked business leaders to contact him with any ideas for legislation to help improve the state and local economy.

“If there’s a regulation that you consider needlessly burdensome, I want to hear about it,” he wrote. “If you encounter impediments to capital formation, benefits management or the hiring and training of workers, I ask you to contact me.

“If there are state laws or rules that run counter to sound business practices or you think have no redeeming social or economic value, let me know.

“If you want to propose tax incentives that would promote economic growth or attract companies to invest in Colorado or to complain about existing incentives that you think are missing their target, I’m all ears.

“Nothing is off the table. Our state government works best when the people who know best participate and are involved.”

The CSBJ is interested too – what do local business leaders think the General Assembly should focus on next session? Should lawmakers repeal troublesome regulations? Add tax incentives? How do you think the state government can best act in the interest of creating jobs and helping businesses succeed?

Send us an email to, or comment below. We’ll gather suggestions for a story about business needs from the General Assembly, and pass the ideas along to Rep. Lee.


5 Responses to Business ideas needed for 2014 General Assembly

  1. Colorado is a land of beauty and is rich in one natural resource in particular – rock. With all the poor and unemployed standing on the corners looking for work and a helping hand my suggestion would be we put these folk to work building road fences, barriers and bridges using our native stone. This endeavor would kill two birds with one stone (pun intended) in that it would put people to work and make our state roads much more scenic with rock finishes. Also the unique colored stone we have in this state has market value. Many folks in other states would love to have Colorado rock and stone in their homes and landscapes. Colorado needs to start marketing stone to landscape companies in nearby states. I know it sounds simple but there is an opportunity there that just needs to be pursued.

    Steven Shepard
    September 25, 2013 at 11:12 pm

  2. A few ideas:
    1. public transport please open this to private competition in under served areas
    2. close to 50% of buildings in our state are old and energy inefficient, just upgrading them in areas which have a return of over 10 or 15% could create many jobs in fields such as electricians, HVAC, Insulation companies, etc.. What is needed is education and a loan program.. what would be achieved jobs in companies doing the work, more sales tax revenues and a more competitive small business sector as they would have lower utility costs.
    3. We are being held hostage by Comcast and Century link with slow internet speeds if we want to create and be at the forefront of a modern economy we should maybe look at what other parts of the country have done to change that and create jobs

    gregor huesgen
    September 26, 2013 at 5:39 pm

  3. Gregor

    A little late perhaps – but with 6B in unfunded needs – would it be feasible to consider a regional municipal bond of an amount to cover stormwater in addition the other 3B in city-county infrastructure needs with an amount for 1) an economic development seed fund and 2)sufficient capital to jump start the downtown re-development?

    A long-range strategic plan – – which currently does not exist?

    I suggest this as an alternative to hitting a tax-averse public over and over with separate issues – – and think that a well-thought out regional package would be feasible. (BankerChick can place you in contact.

    Rick Wehner
    September 27, 2013 at 10:31 am

  4. Colorado’s gun laws enacted in the last legislative action should be repealed. They will not prevent anyone from harming citizens who have the intention and will to do so. They WILL restrict access to law abiding citizens.

    Colorado needs to repeal the taxes that restrict aviation maintenance growth. We have a very very small share of the Nation’s aviation maintenance business. If we are truly the 2nd largest aerospace State in the Nation, then we should not be punishing this industry with additional taxes.

    Stan VanderWerf
    October 2, 2013 at 1:44 am

  5. I think a lower tax rate for businesses will always be the answer. I think entrepreneurs should be rewarded for paying employees a good wage with even more tax breaks.

    It all comes down to money with local businesses.I agree with Stan, we shouldn’tbe taxing the aviation industry out here as well.

    Chantel Eynon
    October 5, 2013 at 4:12 pm