Humana sends incorrect cancellation letter to policy holders

Consumers should ignore a cancellation letter from Humana, sent in error the last week in August.

According to Commissioner of Insurance Marguerite Salazar, the company sent the letter to 3,400 Colorado policy holders.

The letter incorrectly states that customers must choose to renew their health insurance with Humana by September 28, 2013, or their insurance would be cancelled.

“I was disappointed to see a letter that appeared threatening and incorrect going out to consumers. The last thing we need is more confusion,” said Commissioner of Insurance, Marguerite Salazar.

At the request of Commissioner Salazar, Humana sent an apology letter on September 20 to the 3,400 policy holders who received the erroneous cancellation letters.

Humana mailed revised and corrected discontinuance letters to its 12,000 policy holders on September 30.  This revised letter makes it clear that polices were not canceled September 28.  Humana’s policy holders should receive the letter later this week.

Some insurance companies are offering early renewals on old plans. However, companies are required to provide information about all the health insurance options available to consumers – plans from the existing company, other companies and from Connect for Health Colorado, the state’s new marketplace for health insurance.

If consumers have questions about letters from insurance companies, they should call the Division of Insurance at (303) 894-7490.