Follow your heart (rate) to better shape

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Keith and Nicole Jackson, along with his father, eventually hope to turn their concept into a national franchising success.

Keith and Nicole Jackson, along with his father, eventually hope to turn their concept into a national franchising success.

At Kineo Fit group fitness training studio, you’ll follow your heart rate on your way to better fitness.

Kineo Fit is a gym in Colorado Springs, located at University Village Colorado on North Nevada Avenue between Aveda Salon and Tan Your Hide.

Owned by Colorado Springs native and personal trainer Keith Jackson, his wife Nicole and father Roy, the fitness training is customized to each client.

Each client wears an EKG-accurate heart rate monitor that measures the workout intensity level. Each client’s heart rate appears on computer screens, so that the fitness leader can monitor each person’s workout.

“The trainer can look up and assure everybody is working at the right intensity level,” Keith Jackson said. “Because it’s individualized, you could have a really elite marathon runner running 8 miles an hour at 70 percent intensity next to someone who’s really new and walking at 70 percent.

Regardless of which station you’re at, you have a heart meter attached and constant feedback.” – Keith Jackson, Kineo Fit

“So the intensity is very specific to your ability,” he said.

The two clients will feel like they’re working out just as hard as one another, even though one is running 8 mph and the other is walking at 3 mph; it’s the same workout, Jackson said.

Heart rate monitoring isn’t new to the world of fitness. The technology to be able to monitor individuals in a group is what’s fairly contemporary.

“It’s a great tool,” Jackson said. “Regardless of which station you’re at, you have a heart meter attached and constant feedback. You can adjust your rest intervals.”

Jackson, 40, earned his degree in kinesiology from California State University-Fullerton and has 15 years of experience in personal fitness training. Nicole, 35, will split management duties with her husband. His father provided financial backing and is helping with the logistics, computers and administrative details, Jackson said.

This is the first Kineo Fit; it is not a franchise.

Business goals involve growing to 100 members through this month, up to 400 members by one year in business and by the second year, the owners hope to achieve full capacity at 600 members.

“From there, if all goes well, we would definitely consider opening a few more locations in Colorado Springs and possibly nationally,” Jackson said.

Other similar businesses have “really taken off,” across the country, he said.

The gym has four stations: spin bikes, treadmills, suspension straps and weights.

Each station has six individual places.

Spin bikes

The stationary bikes are Schwinn AC Performance spin bikes, “considered the best bikes in the industry,” Jackson said. “When we decided we wanted to do this, my wife and I decided we wanted the best of everything.”

The bikes have watt power meters so the client can change the workout depending on heart rate and the wattage used.

“As you get more efficient, you might be able to do more watts,” Jackson said.


The Woodway treadmills differ from traditional treadmills by the mechanism that drives it. Traditional treadmills are belt-driven, and KineoFit’s have ball-bearings on them, Jackson said.

“The end result is that the cushioning is right at impact; it’s the best absorption for your body,” Jackson said. “Some people … say their joints don’t hurt like they do after running on traditional treadmills.”

Suspension straps

The straps are “very popular,” Jackson said. They are progressive; the client can make them harder or easier, depending on the body’s position.

Using the straps, the client pulls herself up, using body weight as the weights in this exercise.

Kinesis One

Kinesis One weight machines will enable the user to lift weights using an infinite number of movements, Jackson said.

Adjusting the resistance on the machines, “you can do pulls, rotations, all ranges of motion to move the body in all different directions,” Jackson said.

The machine has horizontal and vertical movements, enabling the user to move in an infinite number of ways.

“We can have lots of fun with these,” Jackson said.

Kineo Fit limits class size to 24 clients.

“Depending on your schedule, you can find a convenient class,” Jackson said.

Classes begin at 5:15 a.m. and end at 6:45 p.m. for now, Jackson said. Eventually, he expects to add an 8 p.m. class.

After the client finishes class, “you get a great little email that tells you how long you spent in each zone,” Jackson said.

“Any information you’d want to know about how your heart was working that day, you can look and see. It’s pretty fun,” he added.

This Saturday, Oct. 5, Kineo Fit will be having its grand opening. The celebration will take place between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the studio, 5182 N. Nevada Ave., Suite 120.


Kineo Fit


Contact info: 5182 N. Nevada Ave., Suite 120, 260-4891

Years in business: New

Number of employees: 4

Grand Opening: Saturday, Oct. 5, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

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  1. Great idea. Great workout. Great people!! Go Keno Fit. My wife and I joined and are looking forward to it.

    John MacKay
    October 9, 2013 at 7:31 pm