Can Democrat Irv Halter beat Lamborn in 2014? He may have a fighter’s chance.

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Retired Maj. Gen. Irv Halter, the presumptive Democratic nominee for Doug Lamborn’s seat in the U.S. House of Representatives has got so many things going for him that it’s possible to imagine that (gasp! choke!) he might actually win.

In the past, Democrats have tried to appeal to El Paso County voters by nominating retired colonels. That only showed voters that Dems know little and understand less about military hierarchies.

There are lots of retired colonels around, and many have had distinguished military and post-military careers. They’re fine people, but career officers understand what it means to be a retired colonel. It means you didn’t make the grade, didn’t get promoted, didn’t become a general officer.

Halter’s narrative is different. Here’s a guy who served with, not under, the three- and four-stars who now command our armed forces. Colonels run supply depots; generals command.

That should make a difference in the race. Military folks know that soft-hearted, mush-brained liberals don’t make general. When Halter presents himself as a fiscally conservative, military-friendly moderate they’ll believe, not snicker behind his back.

The Halter campaign released some reasonably impressive third quarter numbers this morning. Here they are, compared to Lamborn’s numbers.

Halter 3rd Quarter Summary:

Total Raised = $121,023.95
Total Disbursements = $37,857.43
Cash on Hand = $83,166.52

The campaign had 370 individual donors:

95% of the donors reside in Colorado.

48% of the donors reside in Colorado Springs.

0% of the donors are Political Action Committees.

Lamborn 3rd Quarter Summary:

Total Raised = $60,770.00
Total Disbursements = $13,048.71
Cash on Hand = $70,640.03

Here’s the breakdown of his donor base, according to the Halter campaign:

77% or $46,525.00 came from Political Action Committees.

23% or $14,245.00 came from individuals.

It’s clear that Lamborn hasn’t even started to raise serious money. Those numbers will change once he makes a few calls. There are a lot of deep-pocketed conservative players out there (Koch Brothers, anyone?), as well as a lot of independently funded issue committees that will be spending money to get Lamborn re-elected.

Yet given the dismal reputation of congressional Republicans, Halter has a fighter’s chance. With a couple of breaks, Jacksonville could have beaten the Broncos on Sunday, which ought to encourage underdogs everywhere. It’s a year until Election Day, so a lot of things have to go Halter’s way. Let’s see … maybe Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Rush Limbaugh will host a fundraiser for the General?

Not likely – but even if they did, Lamborn would still be the favorite.

5 Responses to Can Democrat Irv Halter beat Lamborn in 2014? He may have a fighter’s chance.

  1. >> Yet given the dismal reputation of congressional Republicans
    ………… dismal reputation ? only because you media guys portray them as such.
    ……… the republican party, pathetic as it acts at times, is the ONLY bunch standing for freedom & some semblance of fiscal responsibility

    >> maybe Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Rush Limbaugh will host a fundraiser for the General?
    ……… highly ‘not likely’ …….. those three KNOW that Democrats, even ‘ fiscally conservative, military-friendly moderate’ ones, vote w/their party (Pelosi), not their conscience. ……. and their aren’t enough retired generals in the District , enamored w/one of their own, to pull him over the top of those out here who understand what ‘party line partisanship’ in DC really means.

    Halter might be a real nice guy, we’re happy he made General, we’re not that enamored w/ Doug, but we will not vote D. Sorry.

    richard black
    October 15, 2013 at 1:24 pm

  2. Look at the job numbers.

    Keep Lamborn in office.
    Sallie Clark as Govenor.
    John Suthers as Mayor.

    Find work out of state.
    Been there. Done That.

    Need jobs in El Paso County.

    Rick Wehner
    October 15, 2013 at 3:01 pm

  3. I appreciate John highlighting our great start. However, I take strong exception to his characterization of Colonels. Colonels are the backbone of the senior officer corps–about one out of a hundred officers who enter the Air Force make it to Colonel. As a Colonel, I commanded two large units… as do most who attain that rank.
    General Officers are fortunate to attain that rank… but we all know that without junior and field grade officers, NCO’s and junior enlisted women and men, we could accomplish nothing.

    Finally, while I don’t usually address (or read) blog comments, I will only say in response to Mr. Black: I am my own man and I will work first and always for our citizens…you have my solemn word. As to his assertion that the rank and file always follow their Party leader, ask the current Speaker to comment on how the Party always follows his lead… If they had, we’d never have shut down the gov’t or threatened the country with a default.

    Irv Halter
    October 15, 2013 at 7:26 pm

  4. The Unemployment Numbers:

    4.4% Omaha
    5.8% Austin
    6.4% Fort Collins
    7.3% Albuquerque
    7.9% Denver

    One might see these numbers as a matter that transcends traditional party pettiness and climbs up the slope of tragedy when that 9.2% represents a good number of children who are not eating as well as they should be when the parents cannot find work.

    It might be time to look at leadership capability rather than party and consider someone other than those, as Sallie Clark and John Suthers, who have so long been part of the local leadership which has left this region crippled and unattractive to those very companies who could bring in the needed revenues.

    The concepts of ‘regionalism-cooperation-coordination-consolidation’ working so well for Omaha, Austin/Round Rock, Reno/Lake Tahoe call for skilled leaders who can climb out of local politic mode and bring forth teamwork and strategic planning. Maybe we need to take a second trip to Omaha and Austin and this time: take no twinkees but a planeload of engineers, accountants and organizational sociologists.

    This is a magnificent region with assets too numerous to count. If we bypass the ‘old guard’ and bring in younger people even if they are Democrat or Unaffiliated, we might move toward ‘magnificent’ progress.

    Rick Wehner
    October 15, 2013 at 9:01 pm

  5. It’s time to stop with the Republican v Democrat party lines. Who has solutions? Who is willing to work to build coalitions, represent our District, and solve problems? Mr Wehner’s comments are dead on – we do have a magnificent region and Mr Lamborn has not been able to lead us out of the recession. I want a financially fair campaign based on solutions, not name calling. Gentlemen, earn our votes!

    Sharon Owen
    October 17, 2013 at 3:54 pm