Women of Influence: Dana Capozzella

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Balancing two jobs plus family has been the largest challenge to Dana Capozzella.

She works as a partner for Cascade Investment Group and as a leader in the Colorado Army National Guard.

A high achiever, Capozzella became the first female brigadier general in the Colorado National Guard, where she serves as the assistant adjutant general for Army and commander of the Colorado Army National Guard.

As such, she provides leadership, guidance, mentorship and training to more than 4,000 soldiers who are prepared to deploy and defend the United States for federal missions and to support the governor for the state missions of protecting life, limb and property for Colorado’s citizens.

For the past two years, the adjutant general of the Colorado Army National Guard was out of the country during the initial stages of the Waldo Canyon and Black Forest fires. As second in command, Capozzella took control of key operations in communicating the Guard’s capabilities and assets to the governor, “letting the state know what assets we have available to help,” she said.

Both years, the task required multiple days of intense work supporting residents of the Pikes Peak region.

She started her military service at St. Lawrence University, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in psychology and then was commissioned an officer through the Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Her day job is the compliance officer and operations manager for Cascade. There, she also serves as corporate secretary and treasurer.

She maintains the firm’s compliance with state and federal regulations, manages the firm’s finances and oversees all communications. She is noted for her honesty, integrity, service to clients and community participation.

To top it off, she’s married and has with three children and a niece at home.

“Balancing all three pieces of my life — home, civilian and military — has been the biggest challenge,” she said.

She couldn’t have done it without the support of her coworkers, who cover for her when she has active-duty responsibilities, she said.

“It’s all intertwined.”

She was nominated by Rob Wrubel, senior vice president of investments at Cascade.

“Cascade cannot survive without our reputation for honesty, integrity, service to clients and community participation,” Wrubel said. “Dana makes this happen every day.”

Her success is due to having an “amazingly supportive husband,” she said. “If you don’t pick the right partner in life, you might not be able to explore all the opportunities you could have.”

Twenty-six years ago, she married Robert Utter, now principal at Holmes Middle School, and together they have three children, Nate, 22, Alex, 18, and Lauren, 16.

— Marija B. Vader