Year in review: 2013

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The year of 2013 was an interesting, exciting and in many ways positive year for Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region.

The economy continued crawling toward stability, showing positive trends in both the commercial and residential real estate and potential for sustained job growth. The aerospace and defense sectors are at a crossroads, with potential for experimentation and revitalization as well the uncertain effect that further sequestration and possible personnel reductions may have on local military outfits.

Also fascinating are plans for the future of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and higher ed as a whole, as we move into a period of construction projects, curricular development and community partnerships.

So now, as the end of this year arrives, let’s look back and brush up on each of these hot topics — commercial and residential real estate, aerospace and defense, education and technology — then decide for yourself what is good, bad or ugly and how the year to come might fare in comparison.

In 2013, topography in most business sectors mimicked rolling hills and plains — not many mountains and certainly not perilous precipices, except for the tourism industry. Other than that, the steady and flat scenery was a welcome sight for those still skittish of the cliffs from recent past.
What follows are excerpts from Business Journal coverage of these sectors during 2013:

Cameron Moix
Rebecca Tonn
Marija Vader
John Hazlehurst
Commercial real estate
Residential real estate
Aerospace and defense
Banking and finance
Colorado Springs

Real estate
Health care
Legal matters
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