Platinum culture fosters communication, growth

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PlatHORZThe Platinum Group was assembled in 2005 by eight real estate brokers looking for a change of pace and a niche of their own — and nine years later it seems they’ve found it.

“We were really looking for something different,” said Ed Behr, partner/owner and managing broker. “We just wanted to create an environment and a culture that was more in line with how we wanted to treat our customers.”

In a world of crumbling interpersonal communication skills, Behr and fellow partner/owner Mike MacGuire agree that the firm concerns itself more with customer service than it does facts, figures and sales data.

“I would rather empower the consumer,” MacGuire said.

In a market transitioning heavily to online resources such as Zillow and Trulia, the co-owners said it’s become increasingly important to maintain rapport with both prospective and active clientele.

“At the end of the day, it’s a people business,” MacGuire said. “If you don’t provide a good service, you’re not going to last. That’s where we’ve been really proud of our team.”

Unlike many realty firms, Behr said the Group shed the dog-eat-dog ways common in real estate in order to foster the values of openness and teamwork. He said the noncompete clause and roundtable meetings don’t hurt either.

“It goes back to that teamwork and that synergy that help us all do better work,” Behr said.

The Springs-based company is now owned by Behr and five other equal partners — MacGuire, Frank Fanelli, Dean Weissman, Steve McFarlane and Anne Marie Flynn — and employs 65 agents.

Behr said that the first few years were a struggle, due to the recession and market dip in 2007 and 2008 after the market peaked in 2006. Since 2008, sales have increased consistently, with a 20 percent rise in 2013 from 2012. Although Platinum agents make up only 2 percent of the 2,700 in Colorado Springs, they account for 16 percent of the top 50 brokers, 15 percent of the top 100 and 12 percent of the top 250 (in terms of volume sold).

“Colorado Springs still has a while to go, but I think we’ve made some great headway. We need to help lead the charge — as brokers we need to be advocates of Colorado Springs,” Behr said.

Behr said that Platinum is all about TRUST, which is an acronym for its creed: truth, respect, understanding, success and there.

“You really have to work for that trust,” he said.


The Platinum Group 

6760 Corporate Drive

Founded: 2005

Employees: 65