Local tech firm warns of fraudulent invoices

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A Colorado Springs-based communication firm recently recommended that businesses in the Pikes Peak region be wary of potentially fraudulent invoices issued under the guise of telecommunication carriers.

According to Colorado Hi-Tech Solutions, impersonators have been attempting to defraud businesses in the area.

A primary offender is California-based UST (US Telecom)–under an ongoing investigation from the Department of Consumer Protection for using such tactics to commit fraud.

UST claimed the illegitimate bills/invoices the company sent included charges for preventive system maintenance and warranty billing. UST has been cited by state governments for fraudulent practices in Connecticut, North Dakota and New York.

“As a result, Colorado Hi-Tech Solutions is warning all of its customers and the business community it serves,” officials said in the release. “Many organizations find themselves overworked, pressed for time and unable to catch every single detail. Unfortunately, this leaves room for scams like this to occur.”

Colorado Hi-Tech Solutions said that the bills have been successful due to the commonality of preventive maintenance invoices, which telecom companies regularly send to customers.

“The reason they were able to pull a stunt like this was because they took advantage of the fact that CEOs and other executives simply have too many things that require their attention,” Brent Watson, president of Hi-Tech Solutions, said in the release.

“This is exactly why we meet with our customers on a regular basis to review, analyze and consult on their telecommunications and Internet connectivity bills. While we can see things like this coming from a mile away, our customers are too busy growing their businesses.”

For more information or to report suspected billing fraud, visit the Colorado Attorney General’s website.