Manitou Springs URA funds Adam’s Mountain Café


The new Adam’s Mountain Café during construction

The Manitou Springs Urban Renewal Authority (MSURA) awarded funding assistance to a project on the east end of Manitou Avenue.

At its April 18 meeting, the MSURA voted unanimously to approve $47,692 for a redevelopment project at the new location of Adam’s Mountain Café, 26 Manitou Avenue. The funded project, resulting in exterior rehabilitation of the building, was the first application received for funding assistance within the designated urban renewal area.

Farley McDonough is a partner in the corporation, NoMoreWellies LLC, which owns and operates the restaurant. It has been a successful business in the community for a number of years. Adam’s Mountain Café is moving from Manitou Springs’ downtown to the east end of Manitou Avenue after being flooded twice last year. McDonough is also a member of the MSURA board; however, she was excluded from any discussion with other board members and the deliberations on the application for funding assistance.

The funding request centered on exterior upgrades to the building and improvement of the parking lot. Project contractor Chris Richardson of CMG Corporation represented the application before the board. Richardson explained safety issues involving the building’s structure were discovered once interior demolition was underway. The cost of repairing those critical issues had depleted the overall project budget and the exterior changes to the property would have had to be excluded from the restaurant’s redevelopment plans without the MSURA’s financial assistance, Richardson said.

After extensive review and questioning, the MSURA voted unanimously to fund the application, noting NoMoreWellies LLC had a funding shortfall in the amount of the request. Specifically, it was documented the business did not have the ability to obtain additional loan funds beyond the existing project budget.

“The MSURA board was happy to be able to support Adam’s move into the urban renewal area and this step toward revitalization of the east end of Manitou Avenue,” said board president Marcy Morrison. “The fact this request was associated with a fellow board member didn’t ensure its success, nor would we want to exclude a terrific project such as Adam’s because of Farley’s service to her community. Helping to get this type of project off the ground is what the board was created for eight years ago and it is gratifying to now be able to have a tangible example of the URA’s benefit to the community.”

The City of Manitou Springs created the Urban Renewal Authority in November 2006 in order to promote redevelopment of the east end of Manitou Avenue. To establish the authority the area had to meet certain legal criteria and a plan be approved to guide its revitalization. More information on the Manitou Springs URA and on the funding process can be found on the City’s website at

2 Responses to Manitou Springs URA funds Adam’s Mountain Café

  1. I’ve lived in Manitou for 10 years, funny how the city can come up with money for things to “beautify” the main street but have no intention of repairing the rotten roads off the main street.

    Lana Zemler
    April 23, 2014 at 9:51 am

  2. Our favorite restaurant. Glad they got the help.

    Bob Lojewski
    April 26, 2014 at 6:34 am