CNBC: Colorado eighth best state to do business

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BusinessCable channel CNBC has listed Colorado in the top ten states in the nation for conducting business.

Colorado was listed number eight; last year, CNBC listed Colorado as the seventh best state in the nation to conduct business.

The cable channel scored all states on 56 measures of competitiveness, developed using input from business groups, economic development specialists, companies and the states themselves.

The scores are then combined into ten broad categories.

Colorado was ranked number one in the access to capital metric. Colorado landed at number nine in the nation in the technology and innovation category, number five in the workforce category and number eight in the economy category.

Where the state did not fare so well was in infrastructure, at number 29, education at number 28, number 35 in the cost of doing business category and number 38 in the cost of living.

The top ten states were Georgia, Texas, Utah, Nebraska, North Carolina, Minnesota, Washington, Colorado, Virginia and North Dakota.

The lowest scores came from these ten states, listed from the lowest, Rhode Island, Hawaii, West Virginia, Alaska, Connecticut, Maine, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont and New York.

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