Bach vetoes city ordinances on licensing fees

steve_bachColorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach vetoed ordinances the city council approved earlier this week. The ordinances would have ended most business licensing fees within the city.

“I would very much like to support reducing or eliminating business licensing fees as well as City business personal property taxes,” said Mayor Bach. “Our goal is to be the most business-friendly city of our size in the country. However, these ordinances add to our budget deficit and are a piecemeal approach to a larger question.

“Therefore, I just cannot support them.”

City Council decided Tuesday to enact the new ordinances. The ordinances would have eliminated the fees but still require the businesses obtain and maintain their city licenses.

Bach said removing the fees would shift the tax burden to the taxpayer, from the businesses.

Lost annual revenues from the ordinances for next year would have been $400,000, according to Cindy Aubrey, chief communications officer for the city.

One Response to Bach vetoes city ordinances on licensing fees

  1. As a small business owner, knowing MR. Bach was (or still is) a small business owner – why would he do this….to spite council for their back and forth wranglings or to truly hose the small business owner in COS.
    To continue growth we must be a friendlier small business city. Relief from these fees would assist in the overall attractiveness….keeping these fees will continue to stifle the small business growth in COS.

    Come on Bach – wake up.

    Ken G
    July 10, 2014 at 1:05 pm