Maggie’s Farm could open Thursday, despite ad

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Work has progressed rapidly at the Maggie’s Farm site on Manitou Avenue, adjacent to U.S. Highway 24, but the opening date is still unknown.

Work’s wrapping up at Maggie’s Farm on Manitou Avenue, adjacent to U.S. Highway 24, as the shop prepares to open.

Colorado Springs-based medical marijuana vendor Maggie’s Farm will open the region’s first recreational dispensary Thursday in Manitou Springs, according to reports.

Despite the company’s advertisement in the Colorado Springs Independent Wednesday indicating that the first official day of business will be Friday, Aug. 1, local media outlets have reported that owner Bill Conkling intends to do so a day earlier.

Conkling told the Business Journal earlier this month that he hoped to open El Paso County’s first retail marijuana store by the end of July (tomorrow). Manitou Mayor Marc Snyder confirmed Tuesday that Conkling was on track to meet that goal.

“As far as I know, Maggie’s Farm has cleared all hurdles and will open July 31st,” Snyder wrote in an email.

Conkling said his plans to open were pending a final walk-through inspection by the Pikes Peak Regional Department, which the shop was reported to have cleared earlier this week.

The legal dispensary at 141 Manitou Ave. is permitted by state and local agencies to sell both medical and recreational THC products in the 5,100-person town.

Manitou Springs City Council gave Conkling final approval in May to go ahead with its recreational store. Since then, the 1,581-square-foot former muffler shop at 141 Manitou Ave. — located just off U.S. Highway 24 and conveniently next to a Loaf ’N Jug — has been renovated and the lot surrounding has undergone significant infrastructural upgrades.

This will be the fifth Maggie’s Farm location; there are currently two medicinal shops in Colorado Springs, one in Cañon City, and another dual-purpose store in Pueblo West. The business will be similar to the company’s existing medical dispensaries in Colorado Springs, Cañon City and Pueblo, he told the Business Journal earlier this month.

Conkling was unavailable for comment Wednesday morning.

2 Responses to Maggie’s Farm could open Thursday, despite ad

  1. What an absolute joke this state is turning into with the legalized MJ issue. And before all you pot heads jump all over me about not understanding. I smoked alot as a young adult.
    As far a medical MJ goes; it shoudl be sold out of pharmacies, like all the other “medications”

    July 30, 2014 at 1:06 pm

  2. I bought some of this legal marijuana at the Pueblo location and was really disappointed at not only the cost but how much I got. I paid the very expensive tax that I cant claim on my own taxes. They weighed it in front of me an I told the guy ‘ wow I am paying 40 dollars for this much and a ten dollar tax’. A very small amount and I am stuck with the tax as well. It was INDICA that was supposed to be out of this world and was average. I got way better stuff when it was illegal and more for the price. What a ripoff I will still buy it illegal cause its stronger and I get more without all the bs lies about how it cares for your body. pot is pot it either gets you stoned or its bunk. Biggest ripoff and lies are these so called medical med shops. Pay a lot for really a drug that loses its potency in 3 days.( Ripoff) medical marijuana what a joke.

    July 31, 2014 at 8:48 am