Broadmoor opens Cloud Camp resort at 9,200 ft.

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The Broadmoor opened the region’s most elevated resort last Friday: a picturesque rural compound at 9,200 feet with 360-degree mountain views, aptly named Cloud Camp.

Perched atop Cheyenne Mountain (more than 3,000 feet above The Broadmoor), Cloud Camp is labeled the hotel’s “newest wilderness experience.” The Broadmoor welcomed its first guests Friday.

The rustic retreat features a 8,000-square-foot main lodge adorned with paintings and artifacts representative of the Old West, hand-hewn support beams and an indigenous stone fireplace, with 360-degree views of the Pikes Peak region. The lodge sits atop the foundation of Spencer Penrose’s Cheyenne Lodge, which was popular in the 1920s, according to Cloud Camp General Manager Tina Harlow.


Cloud Camp offers seven lodge accommodations, including one honeymoon suite, and 11 one- and two-bedroom cabins capable of housing a total of 56 guests. One suite sits atop the foundation of a historic fire tower that overlooks the entire compound.

True to the spirit of Penrose’s mountaintop venue, there are no televisions or computers in guest rooms, although Wi-Fi and concierge services are available. Instead, guests can enjoy view from the wrap-around porch of the main lodge, dinner at a grand dining table built for 28, as well as hiking, archery, yoga, crafts and stargazing.

Although guests are afforded the option of taking a 40 minute shuttle ride to the top through the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and past the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun, visitors are encouraged to make the trek by more rustic means: by foot or mule. Access to the site is provided by a series of trails, on which guests can choose to make the three-hour guided hike to the top.


Rooms range from $800 to $1,400 per night (an nearly all-inclusive rate). The resort will open from May to October each year, with the possibility of staying open a bit longer depending on the severity of winter weather, according to Harlow.

Cloud Camp is 1,000 feet higher in elevation than the Ranch at Emerald Valley, which The Broadmoor opened in Pikes National Forest last year.