Downtown survey results released

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qli-downtown-artWords that best describe what people want to see downtown Colorado Springs include vibrant, clean, safe, welcoming, friendly.

Wednesday morning, the Downtown Partnership of Colorado Springs revealed the results of an online survey completed recently by 1,100 persons in the region.

Respondents said they want new businesses to fill the vacant storefronts, they think downtown should be more pedestrian-friendly and they want the vagrancy problem to be reduced, said Downtown Partnership CEO and President Susan Edmondson. They want more transit options, more activities in parks and they want downtown to have more destination attractions.

Respondents did not list parking as a problem, which both delighted and slightly discouraged Edmondson, who laughed about it.

“Parking is a problem you sort of want to have. That means a lot of people are coming downtown,” she said.

Respondents said what makes downtown a destination would include a public market, a sports events center, completion of the Legacy Loop, an Olympic Museum and a city auditorium, Edmondson said. The Legacy Loop is a 10-kilometer trail which now is unfinished.

She added housing downtown is critical and important for Millennials as well as people retiring.

But the vagrancy issue is growing and is a younger population, unlike in the past when the demographic of vagrancy were older adults.
“Enforcement and services [for the vagrants] need to work together,” Edmondson said, saying building a center for vagrants to spend their days is a top priority with the city.

A downtown police substation will open “any day now,” she said.

2 Responses to Downtown survey results released

  1. Here is an idea: Let’s build a Colorado Sports and Event Center downtown that will draw people and businesses to the area which will in turn draw investment and more opportunities we have not discovered yet. Any good business invests in its future.

    David Leinweber
    August 27, 2014 at 1:06 pm

  2. The vagrants are so disgusting. I ride my bike on the trail each day and literally see communities of dirty people who are not working, are not participating in society, who are polluting and littering. Is it safe for me? Nope. But I want to get a ride in that is not on the streets where safety is an issue and I want to use the COMMUNITY trails. This can easily be addressed. I know exactly where they are living. Why can’t the HOT police remove them?

    August 27, 2014 at 1:52 pm