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Why the local jobs picture is so hard to figure out

Employment data aren’t quite as opaque as the unemployment rate that we discussed last week, but there is still room for lots of confusion. Take the December data that were released for Colorado Springs a couple of weeks ago. We learned: Employment, at 275,400 jobs, was unchanged from November, but 4,500 jobs lower than December… Continue Reading Why the local jobs picture is so hard to figure out

The unemployment rate is one of the most closely watched, yet least understood pieces of economic data. On the surface it appears simple: in December the Colorado Springs unemployment rate was 9.4 percent, while Pueblo’s was an even higher 10.3 percent. Doesn’t that mean that around 10 percent of adults in southern Colorado who wanted… Continue Reading The real jobs numbers aren’t where you think they are

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A major contributor to the Great Recession of 2008-2009 was the decline in home prices. For the average household, the equity in their home is their largest asset, comprising a significant portion of their wealth. Wealth dropped an unprecedented $17.5 trillion over the seven quarters between mid-2007 and early 2009. We are beginning to see… Continue Reading Housing market shows consumers are ready to spend

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