CSBJ Rates

For 20 years the CSBJ has been impacting the community’s affluent decision makers.  With an average household net worth of $1.8 million, advertising in the CSBJ reaches decision makers with the expendable income available to buy your product or service and influence others also.

CSBJ subscriber demographics

In March 2008, Readex Research mailed out 28,000 survey kits in 56 markets. The response rate average for all markets was 35%.  The Colorado Springs Business Journal response rate was 41%.  This is 17% higher than the national average.  This shows a closer relationship CSBJ subscribers have with the CSBJ as compared to other business Journals.

“There’s a lot to like here, with a relentless focus and a great deal of news.  I come away with a sense of place, and a business publication that loves where it is without being too much of a home-town booster.  In short, I put you well into the top tier of news-driven biz publications.”
– A critique of the CSBJ by Chris Roberts, University of South Carolina/Alabama June 2008

  • Average time spent reading – 49 minutes
  • 99% of subscriber’s thought reading the CSBJ was time well spent
  • 98% of subscribers agree the csbj is a good value for the money
  • 98% agree that the CSBJ provides them with information they can’t get anywhere else
  • 98% of subscribers agree the articles are easy to read and understand
  • 98% agree the CSBJ has a high quality appearance
  • 95% agree that the CSBJ has knowledgeable reporters and writers
  • $206,000 is the average Household income of the CSBJ subscriber with 18% making over $250,000
  • $164,000 is the average individual income
  • 31% have retirement income from the sale of at least one business
  • $1,080 million is the average value of CSBJ subscriber’s portfolio
  • $1.74 million is the average household net worth of the CSBJ subscriber with 12% worth 2-4.9 million and 9% worth $5 million or more.
  • $464,000 is average market value of subscriber’s homes
  • 56% are partners or owners of a company
  • 64% are in top management with 14% in middle management
  • 34.5 years is the average number of years their company has been in business
  • 1,650 is the average number of employees in their company’s national workforce
  • 230 is the average number of employees in their local workforce
  • $123 million is the average total gross sales
  • 13% is the average growth in revenue in past three years
  • $33.8k is the average sticker price of new vehicle
  • 6.5 is the average airplane trips take in a year
  • 12.7 is average nights spent in a hotel for business reasons and 10.9 for personal reasons
  • 72% male, 28% female
  • 50.5 is the average age of the print edition subscriber


  • 80% have bachelors
  • 21% have a masters
  • 7% have PhD
  • 6% have postgraduate study w/o a degree

Local Advertising Rates for the Colorado Springs Business Journal

These are rates for local print advertising in the Colorado Springs Business Journal, Leadership Quarterly, Health Quarterly and CSBJ Event supplements. These rates are not applicable for the Book of Lists, Nonprofit Directory, AIA, web advertising, nor daily email advertising.

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