Bernie Madoff

Tue, Mar 10, 2009


You’ve gotta hand it to Bernie-rather than doing what you’d expect of a remorselessly psychopathic swindler, he’s apparently decided to be a mensch.  He’s taking the fall, protecting his family, and spending his declining years in the slam.  When he saw the wheels coming off, he could’ve have taken the last $50 million, and disappeared to some friendly tropical refuge, where he could have fought off extradition for years.  I don’t believe the carefully concocted fairy tale that he confessed all to his sons, who promptly turned him in.  Nope, this is a case of the patriarch throwing himself on the sword-and leaving his loved ones with their liberty, and a few bucks.  Too bad we don’t have Aeschylus to tell this story-one which, thanks to Bernie’s forthcoming guilty plea, we’ll never know in its entirety.

So who will play him in the movie?  Clint Eastwood? Jack Nicholson? Or, best of all, Anthony Hopkins. “I took their money, and spent it on myself…and a nice Chianti!”

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