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Fri, Mar 13, 2009


Got a fancy, little four-color mailer from Congressman Doug Lamborn in the mail yesterday, decrying the stimulus bill. 

Lamborn wants us to know that he’ll “continue the fight to reduce spending, debt and taxes.”

Admirable goals, congressman, but how does your vow to reduce spending square with your willingness (nay, eagerness!) to spend tens of thousands of dollars upon “information mailings” to constituents?

Have you heard about e-mail? Of press releases via e-mail? Of submitting op-eds to newspapers? Of being interviewed on talk radio shows? 

Of course you have – and you use all of these means of communicating with your constituents. 

This flyer is headed “Public Document-Official Business.”  And beneath the heading are the words “This mailing was prepared, published and mailed at taxpayer expense.”

It’s not an official document, in the sense that a letter from, say, the Social Security Administration is an official document.  It’s just a political puff piece, designed only to bolster Lamborn’s political position.

Lamborn’s predecessor, a principled man unafraid to oppose the leaders of his own party when he believed that they had engaged in unethical behavior, never sent out such puff pieces.  Joel Hefley was an old-fashioned conservative, who believed that actions, not words, defined an elected official.

Lamborn would do well to emulate Hefley, and practice the frugality that he preaches.  But I’m betting that he won’t.

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