Signs of economic recovery …

Thu, Apr 9, 2009


aren’t exactly everywhere, but here’s a hopeful little story.

Spent some time chatting with Wayne Jennings a few days ago, who with his spouse, Sylvia, owns a storefront Re/Max office on Tejon Street — a few steps from the CSBJ office. 

“We’re very happy with the location,” Wayne told me, “Until a Keller Williams office moved in on a side street, we were the only downtown storefront Realtors-and we’re still the only one on Tejon Street.  One day last week we had five walk-ins.  You never get that in a typical real estate brokerage-people don’t just walk in to a random office building and look for a Realtor.  And that’s given us a lot of business-a few months ago, an Army helicopter pilot who’s relocating to Fort Carson walked in, we showed him some houses, he bought one, and subsequently two of his fellow pilots bought from us as well.  They all bought on the same street.  They all married Korean women when they were stationed in Korea, all the families are close, and we were delighted to be able to help them -nice people. And I’ll tell you about military buyers: they know how to make a decision!”

Sound like a real estate broker’s dream, doesn’t it?  Wayne’s story also makes it clear that, despite all the challenges, there’s still business to be had for those of us who work hard, are creative in selling our services, and invent new ways to find potential customers. 

Not to mention the fact that downtown, where Colorado Springs residents have done business since 1871, is not just lively and interesting, but a place where new businesses can grow and thrive.

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