The Pikes Peak region needs a slogan

Fri, Jun 19, 2009


The estimable folks who brought us the “Dream City” project are searching for a slogan.

Appealing to the public, they wrote that “The Pikes Peak region needs a slogan, words that suggest all the great reasons to visit or live here. As part of the community engagement project Dream City: Vision 2020, we’re collecting your ideas for inspiring slogans.”

Far be it from us to fall short community-engagement wise. We asked for suggestions. Here are a few, and yes, we know that they’re sadly inadequate! That why we’re asking you, dear readers, to submit your own suggestions, in the hope that we can, collectively and individually, come up with the single perfect phrase, or scrap of doggerel, or limerick, or haiku, that inspires, informs and amuses.

Here’s what we have so far:

“Pikes Peak and Busted.”

“Nobody shares our views!”

“Colorado Springs – where only the view matters!”

“Colorado Springs: South of Denver-and to the right of everything”

“Dobson, Haggard – need we say more?”

“Colorado Springs: Where not even Katherine Lee Bates stayed for long.”

“No springs in Colorado Springs!”

“Colorado Springs hits the spot/One 14’er, that’s a lot?/The USOC, and what a view/At least we’ll always have one of two!”

“Colorado Springs – once a city, now a suburb.”

“There once was a town near Pikes Peak/Whose founders large fortunes did seek/But soon they did find/That the town fell behind/And now its reputation is weak”

“Go west young man and claim your stake/To Colorado Springs-where everything’s fake/There you’ll find nature/And government failure/And a town that’s rarely awake.”

You get the idea.

Actually, the city already has a slogan-“We Create Community.” That little phrase was stolen from a bumper sticker created by Citizens Project during the late 1990’s, which read “Celebrate Diversity/Create Community.”

We have no quarrel with the city’s deft plagiarism – it’s better than paying a P.R. firm 20 grand or so to come up with a catchy phrase. The city’s various departments, “friends” groups, and divisions also have mission statements. Here’s our favorite, copied directly from the city website.

Mission Statement

City Contracting

“Business with a Competetive Edge”

Colorado Springs Utilities has its slogan as well – “It’s how we’re all connected.” El Paso County is without one.

But Denver’s slogan is simple and memorable -“The Mile-High City.” And just to rub it in, at least one city agency, the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs, has not only a mission statement (“To advance the arts and culture in the City and County of Denver”) but a vision statement (“To make Denver a community that attracts, cultivates, and mobilizes the creative spirit”).

Inspired by our neighbors to the north, how about “Colorado Springs-755 feet higher than a mile!” or “Colorado Springs – no mission, no vision, no slogan – and proud of it!”

Your turn.

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15 Comments For This Post

  1. Proud Native Says:

    Hazelhurst – what a way to show community spirit and show your love for your city …..not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. George Boutin Says:

    How about

    Colorado Springs–We look down on the mile-high city

  3. Jon H. Says:

    Home of the Pikes Peak Hill Climb [That was easy.]

  4. Dennis Says:


  5. Dick Burns Says:

    “At Least We’re Not Pueblo!”

  6. Lon Matejczyk Says:

    Proud home of Doug Bruce

    To Tabor or not to Tabor, that is the question.

    The city of three downtowns

  7. Dave Gardner Says:

    I have two suggestions:

    Colorado Springs: We never met a developer we didn’t like.


    Good to the last drop (with a picture of a water faucet running dry)

  8. Barb Van Hoy Says:

    Thanks for giving Citizens Project credit, where it’s due, for the “Create Community” slogan (bumper stickers still available and multiplying!). Let’s keep working to make all the snarky slogans, however sad but true, a thing of the past!

  9. Kevin Walker Says:

    How about Colorado Springs – Where you can pursue your own vision!

  10. Lon Matejczyk Says:

    Good one Kevin, everyone for your self.

  11. Kevin Walker Says:


    Just trying it on. Sorry you took it that way. I thought freedom and lots of little visions translating into a larger direction works like it does for free markets; and it worked for me 30 years ago.

  12. John Hazlehurst Says:

    Kevin, I liked your slogan. It was both to the point, and a gentle rebuke to slogans, mission statements, and vision statements. That’s what we do when we’re at our best-pursue our separate visions, and both cooperate and compete.

  13. Kevin Walker Says:


    That’s what happens when a former planner turns free marketeer! I know it is not in vogue, but “Go Milton Friedman!”

  14. Eva Says:

    As a person who grew up in the Springs and have family there, and is moving away from there after only 4 months, I have to agree with it being Mediocre. No originality. Be mad at me if you want. There seems to be two types of people in the springs. The elder and the very young who are disrespectful. The bigger cities atleast teach diversity and understanding to different cultures to our young people.

  15. Kevin Says:

    Late to the party but, “Peak Vision”
    Or “Elevation Intoxication”