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USOC, LandCo blank city in doubleheader

31. July 2009

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Finally playing two long-postponed games, the Colorado Springs nine failed to score a single run during 18 innings, playing both LandCo and the USOC at Imaginary Field in downtown Colorado Springs. While most pundits gave the nod to the powerful USOC team, the Springs had been expected to dispose of LandCo fairly easily. Since the […]

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The new USOC deal in verse

29. July 2009


As the new USOC deal, like some cawing raven of doom, figuratively flaps from one group of lawyers to another, from one dithering board to another, eventually to settle on city hall, what will we see? With yet more apologies to the restless spirit of Edgar Allan Poe, here’s what we may see. Once upon […]

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Dave Philipps’ great Gazette story

28. July 2009

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If you missed Dave Philipps’ superb two-part series in the Gazette, “Casualties of War,” go to the daily’s Web site and read it. It’s a thoughtful, carefully researched, and beautifully written account of the violent and terrible lives of soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, 12th Infantry Regiment, part of the Fort Carson-based 4th Brigade Combat Team. Many […]

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Livin’ the Dream (City), part 2

21. July 2009


Bettina, Warren, Amanda – of course, you’re all correct…except for a couple of points. Like it or not, Dream City was conceived, organized publicized and pushed by the Gazette.  It is thought of, correctly or incorrectly, as a Gazette promotion.  And, it might be fair to assume that Dream City might share some of the […]

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Livin’ the dream (city)

20. July 2009


After months of hype and hundreds of column inches of high-minded rhetoric, the Gazette’s ‘Dream City’ project culminated with a much-touted meeting at Coronado High School.  Three hundred people showed up – an impressive turnout for an earnest few hours of community-minded heavy liftin’, especially on a radiant Saturday morning.  I didn’t go – too […]

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Socialized capitalism

16. July 2009

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In case you hadn’t noticed, the Masters of the Universe are back in charge. Goldman Sachs reported earnings of $3.2 billion for the last quarter. Great and clamorous was the rejoicing among the storied investment bank’s employees, whose bespoke suits were getting a little frayed and rumpled.  By announcing that the bank would set aside […]

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Groucho, Karl and the USOC

14. July 2009


“History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”- Karl Marx Last week, councilmember Jerry Heimlicher vowed loudly and publicly that, joined by a majority of his colleagues, he would insist that council be updated on the USOC deal in open session. That didn’t happen.  Yesterday during the informal City Council meeting, avisibly chastened Heimlicher made only […]

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Headless Body in Topless Bar – and other favorite headlines

10. July 2009


Print newspapers may be, like the Cheshire cat, slowly vanishing. Within a decade or two, the pundits tell us, newspapers will only exist online. Does this mean big changes? Does this mean that newspaperese will disappear, to be replaced by plain English? For readers unacquainted with the term, newspaperese is a peculiar subset of the […]

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Declining tax revenues may end life on earth

9. July 2009


At His morning press conference, Jehovah, the Lord and Creator of the Universe, announced that He would be forced to exercise His divine will in order to deal with the effects of the recession. “Early next month,” the Lord said, “I have decided to extinguish approximately 6 trillion stars, as well as more than 4,000 […]

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Plagiarism and The Gazette’s editorial wrath

8. July 2009


Readers of this morning’s Gazette were greeted by a front-page note from Editor Jeff Thomas that announced the firing of a summer intern for the grave sin of plagiarism. According to Thomas, the unpaid “employee” had plagiarized parts of four different stories which had run in the paper. In the single example cited by the […]

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