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My new job: CEO of the USOC

30. October 2009


We all know that the job market is tough, right? And we all know that journalism is not a growth industry, right? So given that the New York Times has yet to call and offer me Tom Friedman’s job, I may need to consider other fields of endeavor. Not that I’m looking for a job […]

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Lawyers, guns and roses

28. October 2009

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Spent much of Monday as a proud parent, watching my daughter and 500 other law school graduates being sworn in as members of the Colorado Bar. Held at the Boettcher Concert Hall in Denver, the event featured a special session of the Colorado Supreme Court, speeches by various dignitaries and a surprisingly talented all-lawyer brass […]

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2C, or to secede?

22. October 2009


Let’s assume that 2C fails, and that our fair city’s fiscal woes continue.  Let’s further assume that the votes split. Voters from the North End, Broadmoor, Patty Jewett, Ivywild, Cheyenne Canyon and Skyway are supportive, while residents of the suburban ring oppose the measure. Such an outcome would confirm once again that Colorado Springs is […]

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Gallagher going over Niagra Falls?

16. October 2009


Where angels fear to tread, as the old saw goes. And it remains to be seen whether Councilmember Tom Gallagher has acted foolishly or angelically in proposing an across-the-board 10 percent pay cut for city employees. Such a cut, Gallagher says, would save $16 million, and go a long ways toward overcoming the city’s projected […]

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14. October 2009


City Council’s decision to appoint former Gazette editorial page editor Sean Paige to fill the vacant District 3 seat has aroused controversy, to put it mildly. Paige applied for the position as a joke, found that he had some support, became serious and won the race. Paige’s sudden ascendancy has not been greeted with universal […]

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Blame it on Rio

8. October 2009

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Why did the 100+ members of the International Olympic Committee blow off Chicago, Tokyo, and Madrid in favor of Rio de Janeiro? We think we know the answers. They nixed Chicago because they were mad at the USOC, didn’t much like Stephanie Streeter, and thought that Obama should have spent a week in Copenhagen buttering […]

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Welcome to council, sucker!

6. October 2009


There’s something inherently distasteful about a common governmental process that allows elected officials to appoint other should-be elected officials. Consider Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter’s out-of-the-blue appointment of Michael Bennet to the Senate seat vacated by Ken Salazar’s resignation or New York Gov. Basil Paterson’s (who only ascended to that office after Eliot Spitzer’s dalliance with […]

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Reflecting on the Washington trip as it sunsets

1. October 2009

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Breakfast this morning at the spectacular, LEED platinum building that houses the National Association of Realtors. The building is spectacular for the best of reasons. It’s not some hulking stone monster that tries to express the power and magnificence of its tenant, nor is it a coldly anonymous glass tower. It’s a modest, light filled […]

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