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Help Wanted: 6035, USOC leaders

25. November 2009


We all want to know who’s in charge, don’t we? And it’s always interesting to speculate about possible candidates for the two most significant job vacancies in our fair city. Who will the USOC hire as the new CEO of that quarrelsome, dysfunctional organization? And who’s in line to run the nascent 6035 project? The […]

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City still fighting ‘new brutalism’

24. November 2009


Utopia or dystopia?  What does the future hold for our city?   How can we, individually and collectively, shape this community?  In endeavors such as Dream City, the 6035 project, and a dozen predecessors, we’ve asked ourselves the same question:  how do cities thrive? Forty-eight years ago, Jane Jacobs published “The Death and Life of Great […]

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Austin swims, the Springs flounders

23. November 2009


Our city’s leadership class has, as you may have noticed, a new Best Big Cool Friend – Austin, Texas. That relationship is not unlike that of Vince and Drama on “Entourage”– the devastatingly cool movie star (Adrian Grenier) who allows the hopeful loser (Kevin Dillon) to hang out with him. Our city’s power people would […]

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USOC peddles Pepto-Bismol

18. November 2009


Since we are members of the press, it stands to reason that we get lots of press releases. But one I received yesterday, originating from our very own United States Olympic Committee, and provided by a helpful reader, is a minor masterpiece of the art. It contains all of the elements of the classic press […]

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Leader luncheons and the 6035 plan

18. November 2009


“Community Leader Lunches” follow a familiar script. They take place in one of four venues: the Antlers, The Broadmoor, Cheyenne Mountain Resort or Penrose House. You arrive, park, get your name tag and table assignment, spend a few minutes schmoozing and sit down. You eat your salad. You eat your bread. You make polite conversation with […]

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No joy in Gazette layoffs

16. November 2009


It was dismaying to read some of the vengeful comments on the Gazette’s Web site this morning, as readers reacted to a news story published Friday about yet more layoffs at the daily. The trolls were out in force, leveling all sorts of bitter criticisms at the paper. They attacked its editorial philosophy, its inherent […]

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Argentinian investors to buy Gazette?

12. November 2009

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Got your attention, didn’t we?  Keep reading… As Freedom Communications wends its way slowly through bankruptcy, the vultures are circling.  It’s not clear whether the company will survive or whether its component pieces-including the Gazette- will be sold to local investors. The company never made much sense to begin with.  It was a random accumulation […]

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City Council vs. city budget

10. November 2009

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Interminable? Infuriating? Representative democracy at its best/worst? Yes. Yesterday’s budget markup session, during which councilmembers wrangled over proposed cuts in the city budget and finally came to reluctant consensus, was the penultimate act in the ongoing drama of our city. What was once comedy, as the city blundered through the USOC deal, has become tragedy […]

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Repent, O Mayor, of your ruinous misadventures

5. November 2009


Scampered over to City Hall yesterday afternoon to attend the Mayor’s hastily announced press conference. Like everyone else in the room, I was curious to hear what he had to say. Would he surprise us? Would he depart from his usual script? Nope. He was as confident, as knowledgeable, as well prepared, and as smooth […]

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What’s your election prediction?

2. November 2009


Today’s “election,” thanks to mail-in ballots, is already over. The voters have spoken, and we’ll know their verdict shortly after the “polls” close tonight. From my parochial perspective, the only votes that matter are those cast for or against 2C and 300. My guess is that the voters will trounce 2C, and narrowly disapprove 300. […]

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