What’s your election prediction?

Mon, Nov 2, 2009


Today’s “election,” thanks to mail-in ballots, is already over.

The voters have spoken, and we’ll know their verdict shortly after the “polls” close tonight.

From my parochial perspective, the only votes that matter are those cast for or against 2C and 300. My guess is that the voters will trounce 2C, and narrowly disapprove 300.

Such an outcome would simply leave us where we are right now and oblige Council to figure out how and where to make drastic, ongoing cuts to the city budget.

As a longtime resident of Colorado Springs, I’ll be deeply disappointed if 2C is defeated and dismayed if 300 passes. Disappointed and dismayed-but not surprised. City residents are understandably angry at city council and the mayor, and seem ready to send ‘em a devastating nastygram.

Far from exerting leadership during this crisis, Mayor Rivera has been the city’s invisible man. His penchant for evasion, secrecy and unaccountability has never been so evident. As one prominent local power player told me a couple of weeks ago, “the mayor’s out of the game.”

So what’s going to happen? What will be the margins of victory/defeat? My guesses:

2C:37 for, 63 against.
300: 48 for, 52 against.

Your guess? Send them via the comment section below.

Winner gets an autographed copy of the USOC deal, signed and inscribed by the Mayor, Ray Marshall, Stephanie Streeter and six councilmembers (we expect that both Sean Paige and Darryl Glenn will refuse to sign). Do we have such a prize? Not yet, but I’ll get it! As a former elected official, you can trust my word … right?

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  1. Dick Burns Says:

    What, me worry?

  2. Tim O'Donnell Says:

    I’ll go with your 2C prediction but would flip the 300 prediction. I still don’t think people in govt’ or the press realize how really angry the voters are at elected officials at all levels. The people are starting to verbalize and act openly on their feelings so I can guarantee that in the privacy of the voting booth they will express that anger.

  3. Like it'll matter ..... Says:

    >> an autographed copy of the USOC deal

    ……. or a copy of an ‘autographed copy’ ? a BIG difference there, buddy. I wanna see blue ink !

  4. C.M. Says:

    I only hope that if people cast their votes with the idea of punishing the government in mind, they realize that they are only punishing themselves. Especially at the city level in a town as small as this. It’s not as if our city councilors are paid well or have any real clout.

    If 2C fails, you’ll lose services. If utilities is sold to a company like excel, your rates will go up.

  5. SC Says:

    2C – 32 for 68 against
    300 – 38 for 62 against

    People are as tired of Doug Bruce waisting our time and tax dollars as they are suspicious that city goverment is.

  6. owleye Says:

    Perhaps out of town small business will recognize the Springs as perhaps the last best American opportunity to fulfill their business dreams and the quality of life that affords their employees and families. Something the boneheads at EDC and their Austin-lovin consultant can’t quite grasp. And our council “leaders.” Private enterprise — that’s the real economic ideal in America, isn’t it? Unfortunately, that ideal has been replaced by the public ideal that says any public job (paid for by real, private productivity) creates the same quality of life. Just ask New Yorkers, New Jersians, Californians how good their quality of life is these days. Their communities are broke (but they have thousands of wonderful public employees) and residents and businesses are fleeing in spades — those who can anyway. Kudos to those who can escape the emotionalism and can find the courage to vote for our American way of life. It isn’t about the government — it’s about our liberty!! Our ingenuity will figure out how to water the parks — so stop wailing and pull your panties back up! And stop asking for more of my money …

  7. Ken G Says:

    The utility increase is a for sure thing. When Black Hills bought out Aquila – my rates doubled and continue to increase, yet to return to doubling level…

    Selling the utility is much along the idiocy of selling Memorial to a private operator. Remember the city only bears the costs of indigent and unisured care. IF Memorial is sold, the city will be pyaing costs plus profit……

    Mayor Rivera – no comment, what a political ghost…when the tough gets tougher, find a better hiding place.

  8. John Hazlehurst Says:

    Blue ink?? Are you kidding? It’ll be signed in bright red ink-fitting, don’t you think?

  9. PMartinez Says:

    I would like to have that autographed contract…
    Being a native Coloradan and living in CS since 1968, I am amazed how the “Good Ole Boys” still get the contracts signed. Maybe its the networking at the Famous!
    The voters won’t pass 2C everyone is to ticked and won’t let it go by. As for 300 I think that will also be voted down. My worry is that Council and the Mayor will cut where the cuts shouldn’t be. Why did they chose target areas where the most dis-advantaged live to cut? Why not cut back in areas where the more affluent citizens don’t utilize the services? Some folks need the services because they don’t own automobiles and seniors who rely on community centers and transportation buses. This city needs to cut from the top not the bottom up.

  10. Tim ODonnell Says:


    I would like my signed copy of the USOC deal delivered personally to the Famous tomorrow at 6PM. I’ll buy.

  11. John Hazlehurst Says:

    Tim O’Donnell: you win! As soon as I can get Hizzoner to sign the document (in a public signing ceremony, natch!) in brilliant red ink, I’ll hand it over…meanwhile, I’ll see you tomorrow after work at the Famous.