Help Wanted: 6035, USOC leaders

Wed, Nov 25, 2009


We all want to know who’s in charge, don’t we? And it’s always interesting to speculate about possible candidates for the two most significant job vacancies in our fair city.

Who will the USOC hire as the new CEO of that quarrelsome, dysfunctional organization? And who’s in line to run the nascent 6035 project?

The word on the street (translated: four different people told me at the Chamber dinner) is that the 6035 job has been offered to Rocky Scott, the former CEO of the Economic Development Corp.

Rocky left town a few years back to work on a big real estate project in Larimer County which, like most such projects, is in abeyance due to the recession. It’s a move that might make sense for him, and would certainly give 6035 an instant dose of credibility and gravitas.

Other candidates might include Susan Edmondson, now executive director of the Bee Vradenburg Foundation, Bettina Swigger of COPPeR, or Annie Oatman-Gardner, who now runs Senator Bennet’s regional office. But none of those three formidable individuals are likely to leave their present jobs, so Rocky’s the obvious choice.

Clearly, the 6035 folks will be pilloried if they bring some smarty-pants hotshot from out of town to tell us recalcitrant locals what to do, so we can expect that the search (if there is one) will be confined to folks with deep roots in the community.

Among locals, Scott Blackmun is the only person who has any shot at being considered for the USOC job. Scott’s well-qualified and highly competent, but it’s an impossible position.  The USOC is no ordinary national non-profit, such as, for example, the Ford Foundation. It’s the Afghanistan of nonprofits, a bunch of feudal chieftains fighting over money, power, and territory.

Other than Bill Clinton or Dick Cheney, it’s hard to imagine a new CEO who could crack heads and repurpose the organization, and rebuild the Olympic brand. Both of those gentlemen are otherwise engaged, but I know someone who might be available-and she’ll be right here in town, ready to be interviewed, during Dec. 8. She’s an author, but she has some other relevant experience.

The fierce and formidable point guard herself, Sarah Barracuda!

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Justin Burns Says:

    What about Will Temby for 6035???

  2. atomic elroy Says:

    I suggest you Mr. Hazlehurst as the CEO of The 60Thiryfive organization. you’re quite good at both creative thinking and ball busting!