USA Swimming offers $5,000 to help keep pools open

Tue, Dec 1, 2009


A couple of hours ago, we noted in a previous blog that it would be appropriate for the USOC, as a gesture to the community, to contribute to the fundraising effort effort led by councilmember Sean Paige which is aimed at, among other things, keeping the municipal swimming pools open next summer.

Haven’t heard from the USOC yet, but there has been one wonderful response.  Here it is, in the form of an email to Paige, copied to us.


USA Swimming is one of the National Governing Bodies headquartered here in Colorado Springs at the Olympic Training Center. As a non-profit organization that is primarily funded with membership dues from our athlete members, we are extremely careful about how we spend the money with which we are entrusted.  With that said, we still have over the years been an enthusiastic supporter and financial contributor to local community organizations, including: Colorado Springs Sports Corporation; Pikes Peak Urban League, UCCS, United Way, Swing High Playground Project for children with disabilities, and other entities.  We are not currently in a position to make a grand gesture to help with the effort to keep local swimming pools open, but if it will help ensure that pools can remain open USA Swimming can make a one-time contribution of $5,000 to the effort that you are leading (as noted in John Hazlehurst’s blog below).  If this small donation can be put to direct use toward helping to keep the local pools open, please let me know and we will expedite this contribution.

Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the community. 

Kind regards,

Chuck Wielgus

USA Swimming.”

This is a significant and important contribution.  As Chuck Wielgus Implies, the NGBs aren’t exactly swimming in money (bad pun!), and USA Swimming’s willingness to take the lead in this project is encouraging, heartening, and sets an example for all of us.  I’m as perennially broke as any journalist, but I’ll put my money where my blog is, and pony up $200.  Sean, what’s the next step?  And Chuck, thank you, thank you, thank you!  As a kid, I spent many a miserable hour being tormented by the bigger kids at the pool in Monument Valley Park, until I learned how to swim faster and escape my tormenters.  And thanks to my (decidedly mediocre) swimming skills, I had no qualms about taking off in the 60’s to sail around the world, and thereby avoided going to law school/med school/business school-for which any sane person ought to give thanks!


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  1. amanwhosees Says:

    now we just gotta wait for USOC itself to step up.

  2. Dick Burns Says:

    Hey, John, where’s the love for a new rugby stadium!? We got plenty of pools in town! Why can’t we get Ray Ray and Lionel to put together a package of COPs and mortagage the Pioneers Museum in the bargain?