It’s not easy to subscribe to the Gazette

Mon, Jan 11, 2010


If you’ve ever considered subscribing to the Gazette, now’s the time … maybe.

My subscription ended on New Year’s Eve, since I had ignored several missives advising me to re-up or no longer get the G tossed on the porch every morning. Tried to renew online – no luck, since the site wanted my “subscription number” and my password before it would allow me to subscribe. No answer at the 800 number, so I gave up.

But I persisted! Yesterday, I plunked down $1.50 and picked up a copy of the paper at my neighborhood convenience store, expecting that the Sunday newspaper/coupon delivery system would have a subscription offer therein.

And it did – not just one, but two.

If you want to subscribe for 13 weeks, you can get just the Sunday edition for $1.61 per week – 11 cents more than the newsstand price. You also get access to something they call the Green Edition, which is a slightly enhanced version of what you can already get for free online.

Another, completely separate offer card gives you the option of having the Gazette delivered every day for $1.92. If the Sunday paper accounts for $1.61 of the package, you’re getting the other six days for 31 cents.

So rejoice! Happy days are here again! You can buy a daily newspaper for a nickel!

Or so it seems. Just as the circulation war between the Rocky and the Post, which featured offers of 52 weeks for $3.65 (a penny per day!), foreshadowed the end of the Rocky, so too may the Gazette’s latest promotion signal an uncertain future.

A local businessman with long experience in Colorado print media, speaking off the record, gave this assessment of the Gazette’s prospects.

“Ten years ago,” he said, “The Gazette had real circulation of more than 100,000, and revenue of around $90 million, with EBITDA as high as 39 percent. Today, the circ is closer to 60,000, and the stated margins might be 6 percent – but those margins aren’t real, because they’ve degraded the product so much to maintain any margin at all. There’s still value there – but for how long? All the indicators are moving the wrong way.”

Maybe so – but I need my G! One problem – the fine print says that the $1.92 offer is only “for those who have not been a scubscriber [sic] in the past 30 days.”

Oh well …

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. millie Says:

    ok, been trying to renew my paper for two weeks,
    what number did you end up using>?
    care to share?

  2. Carrie Says:

    Do what I do every time my subscription expires. Let it expire for at least 30 days and then you’ll be eligible for the new subscriber discount.

    I have blog readers who have said they’ve been able to renew at the same rate as a new subscriber recently, but it’s not common.

    You would think they would be offering discounts right and left to get people to renew/subscribe.

  3. Bon Says:

    Dontcha wonder why John hates the Gazette? Maybe it’s because it has such a diversity of opinions and commentaries. Maybe it’s because it’s a Libertarian newspaper instead of far left. Or maybe he’s just jealous because it doesn’t stick to his strict ideology. Hope you will get a subscription and get to read all the opinions, letters and columnists from all walks of American life. Since most of us are center-right leaning Americans the diversity of news and opinions is very interesting and causes us to think. That has to upset John.

  4. Dick Burns Says:

    Send money NOW, so the Gazette can afford to hire a proofreader!

  5. Captain Says:

    You obviously don’t get the print subscription of the CSBJ. You would be more well versed in John’s opinions if you did. This is just a blog. The real stuff is in the paper. The csbj has publshed the only glossy magazine dedicated to true diversity known to the Springs.

  6. Bart Says:

    My experience has been the best pricing can be found from the folks who set up a table in the grocery stores.