“The Constitutionalist Today” debuts next month

Thu, Jan 14, 2010


There’s a new local publication in the works, a conservative monthly to be called “The Constitutionalist Today,” slated to hit the newsstands in 17 days.

It doesn’t look as if the Constitutionalist intends to target readers of the Independent. It has come into being, according to the paper’s Web site, “as our collective righteous anger steadily grew; grassroots were set ablaze as we coalesced into groups like the TEA Party and the 912 Project. Our peaceful demonstrations and swelling ranks have been ignored by those in power and ridiculed by the media, but we soldier on.”

Its editorial philosophy is unfashionably exclusionary – atheists, non-traditional families and grammarians need not apply!

“We the People” are created equal; therefore, no one person is above the law.
“We the People” believe in traditional famliy [sic] values. Nobody makes decisions for me or my family aside from us.
The government works for and answers to “We the People.”
“We the People” have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but there is no guarantee of equal results.
“We the People” believe in God and His blessings for America.”

Contributors will include perennial congressional candidate Jeff Crank, long-time talk show host Richard Randall, and other conservative stalwarts. The print monthly will be available at more than 900 sites in El Paso, Douglas and south Douglas counties. Readership is optimistically projected at 150,000. By comparison, the Gazette’s daily circ is around 60,000, the Independent distributes about 40,000 copies weekly, and our modest little rag publishes fewer than 10,000 papers every Friday.

But pessimists don’t start new businesses, and only the most exuberant of optimists would consider starting a new print publication – so good on ‘em!

Constitutionalist publisher Lana Fore-Warkocz and her sales staff expect that readers and advertisers alike will respond positively to the new venture.

According to the Web site, “With over 900 distribution locations and limitless online access, this newspaper will make an unparalleled impact on our community. The Constitutionalist Today will be distributed 12 times a year. Our debut issue will appear early in February 2010, when businesses need more customers the most.”

So move over, all of you godless, global-warming believing, Glenn-Beck deriding, welfare-loving, liberals-there’s a new newspaper in town, and you’d better pick it up right now! Otherwise, expect a knock on your door from Sheriff Jeff Crank!

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8 Comments For This Post

  1. Amy Long Says:

    I’m looking forward to reading this new publication, especially the ads…then I’ll know where NOT to take my business.

  2. Lynn Liggett Says:

    John, is there something wrong with being a conservative? It seems to me that you continually thrash conservatives, calling them names, poking fun at their beliefs and generally degrading the principles they uphold. You employ a double standard, which liberals will never admit but always enforce. Political correctness does not only apply to conservatives. I believe you owe several people apologies. Are you principled enough to give them?

  3. John Hazlehurst Says:

    Oh, c’mon Lynn-as you should know, I’m happy to make fun of partisans and ideologues of all stripes. When I wrote a column for the Independent, the Democratic Party cancelled their advertising because they were displeased with something I wrote-and when my Republican pals made me precinct chair, the County bosses fired me for publicly supporting a Dem.

    I wish the new pub well-as i said, I admire anyone with the temerity to launch a new print publication.

    But I don’t think that I owe anyone an apology-and by the way, I’ve never “thrashed” a conservative, although I was once restrained by Mayor Bob Isaac from punching Doug Bruce in the snout.

    Perhaps you meant “trashed”…

  4. amanwhosees Says:

    “’We the People’ believe in traditional famliy [sic] values. Nobody makes decisions for me or my family aside from us….”

    That’s well and dandy if the conservatives promise not to legislate their morality upon the decisions other non-conservative families make.

  5. Dick Burns Says:

    Why read this new rag when you can watch Fox News for free? Unless, of course, they publish a centerfold spread with Sarah Palin as the first Constitutionalist Playmate of the Month!

  6. Carl Smith Says:

    While I may believe you lean left at heart Hazlehurst, I believe you are an excellent columnist because one week I think you are brilliant, and the next I can’t stand you. I can’t wait to read this paper and I WILL take my business to its advertisers. Good article again John.

  7. es Says:

    Lynn, as a teacher I have to say that I wish people who put their opinions in print would use correct grammar — when they don’t, it makes my job harder!
    And John, strict ideology sells best in bad times – just ask Joe Stalin.

  8. Karl Mason Says:

    And when do liberals not legislate or use the courts to do their bidding? I assume by “morality” you mean sexuality and or legalization of certain substances. Are you taking a Libertarian view?