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Comparing headlines and the Gazette’s stealth missile

25. February 2010

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Headline on the Gazette’s Web site this morning: “Tax hikes signed by Ritter.” Headline on the Denver Post Web site this morning: “Ritter signs bills to end tax breaks, help balance budget.” Are we looking at bias here? The Gazette trends right, the Post trends left. Do the headlines mirror the editorial positions of the […]

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City Council, Fellini, and Spinal Tap

24. February 2010


“It’s like a Fellini movie!” said a delighted caller yesterday evening. I knew what he was talking about  – like me, he was taking a break from the Olympics to watch our intrepid city council members, as they wrestled feebly with issues so bizarre, so unseemly and so surreal that they seemed not just Fellini-esque, […]

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Send money quick!

18. February 2010


The Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute issued a pair of interesting papers Tuesday, detailing the economic impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, otherwise known as “the stimulus.” Whether you think that ARRA is a perfect example of a spendthrift government run amok, or a rational federal response to the greatest economic crisis since the […]

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We’re number one! Sort of …

17. February 2010

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Let’s see – if residents of Boulder are the happiest folks in America, and residents of Colorado Springs are just a little less cheerful, coming in 37th, what does that mean? I’ll tell you: Absolutely nothing. These made-up “best place” rankings, which local boosters often point to with such pride, are utter fabrications, invented to […]

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Leigh gets rolled

15. February 2010


In response to pressure from Mayor Lionel Rivera and councilmember Darryl Glenn, real estate broker/announced mayoral candidate Tim Leigh resigned from the Memorial Hospital Commission last Friday. Here’s the text of Leigh’s resignation letter to Council. “Dear Mr. Mayor and council members, I took 2 phone calls on Friday; one from Mayor Rivera and one […]

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Steel dragons and Brooklyn Dodgers

12. February 2010

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As a kid, I rooted for the Dodgers – not the treacherous, transplanted L.A. Dodgers, but the real Dodgers, the Brooklyn Dodgers. And if you rooted for the star-crossed denizens of Ebbets Field, you also hated the Yankees. The Yankees were everything that the Dodgers weren’t – successful, organized, methodical, relentless, and inevitable. You knew […]

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TABOR, the Constitution and the Kingdom of Colorado Springs

11. February 2010


Colleen O’Connor reported this morning in the Denver Post that Herb Fenster, a prominent Boulder attorney, plans to sue the state over TABOR, claiming that the 1992 Douglas Bruce initiative, which extensively amended the Colorado Constitution is itself unconstitutional. “His lawsuit,” O’Connor wrote,“ will argue that TABOR deprives the state legislature of its power to tax […]

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Colorado Springs: Battlefield of liberals, conservatives

9. February 2010


There’s nothing better than a good, old-fashioned left/right bloodbath, especially when it involves our own fair city. Lefty commentator David Sirota started the ball rolling with a bitingly snarky column in the Post, which also ran in the Gazette, characterizing Colorado Springs as “a shining example of what happens to a community when conservatives’ anti-tax […]

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Streetlights, parks, lib’ruls – no problem!

3. February 2010


So what if those picky lib’ruls at CNN and ABC took advantage of our transitory problems to make us a national laughingstock?  So what if those jealous, overpaid big-city reporters at the Denver Post pointed out a few minor imperfections?  So what if those snarky, aggressive uber-lib’ruls at Colorado Pols made fun of us, speculating that our […]

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