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Big bucks for the city!

28. May 2010


You have to give our often – maligned city credit for a certain entrepreneurial spirit for launching the parking-stripe advertising initiative. The red adhesive strips add a certain panache to downtown parking, and it may be that the city has found a permanent, if modest, source of revenue. In an attempt to be helpful, here […]

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Tim Leigh: vision trumps experience

24. May 2010


Tim Leigh is mad, mad, mad at me!! Why? Because I suggested that Sallie Clark would be a better fit as a “strong mayor” come 2011. Here’s what Tim wrote in his defense. “I have been asked about my vision for Colorado Springs. It’s simple. My vision includes resetting Colorado Springs as “a world class […]

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Where in the world is Douglas Bruce?

19. May 2010


Big props to the G’s Eileen Welsome for her account of Doug Bruce’s success in dodging no less than 23 attempts to subpoena him to appear in a Denver courtroom next week. It’s hard not to feel a certain sympathy for the ol’ Dougster – after all, who among us has not been served with […]

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City Council, just shut up

17. May 2010


Our poor city! Here we are in the regional/national spotlight as a city without streetlights, a city that can’t water its parks, a city that doesn’t fill its potholes and a city governed by a quaint mix of religious fanatics and anti – tax zealots. This is a time for keeping our heads down, for […]

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Boulder a techie mecca – and we’re chopped liver

14. May 2010


If you want to understand why it’s in our own self-interest to spend public dollars on parks, bike trails and open space; to leave the marijuana dispensaries alone; to preserve, restore and renovate historic buildings; to transform our neglected watercourses into public amenities; to discourage, rather than encourage, formless sprawl; to build our arts community; […]

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Rocks, funerals, cemeteries and water

10. May 2010

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“(___) couldn’t organize a one-car funeral!” “(___) is so dumb he could screw up a rock!” And whose name should we put in the blank space? Maybe we should forget the usual pantheon of politicians, businesspeople, entertainers and athletes. Maybe we should look in the mirror at our own feckless selves, the proudly cantankerous residents […]

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USOC moves in

3. May 2010

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In a low – key ribbon cutting ceremony at 9:30 this morning, the United States Olympic Committee officially moved into its city – funded headquarters building at 27 South Tejon. There were no bands, no banners, no Olympic athletes, no children’s choir singing the Olympic Anthem – just Mayor Rivera, El Pomar CEO Bill Hybl, […]

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