City Council, just shut up

Mon, May 17, 2010


Our poor city! Here we are in the regional/national spotlight as a city without streetlights, a city that can’t water its parks, a city that doesn’t fill its potholes and a city governed by a quaint mix of religious fanatics and anti – tax zealots. This is a time for keeping our heads down, for careful, statesmanlike remarks from elected officials, and for stressing everything positive about the city.

It’s not a time to go all Sarah Palin at the Tea Party, but that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.

With unemployment hovering around 10 percent, was it really necessary for city council to denounce a proposed jobs bill, which might funnel as much as $42 million to the city, and enable it to restore some services? Asked by the National League of Cities to support the bill, seven of nine council members seized upon the opportunity to huff and puff about the deficit, and advise the federal guv’mint to stop borrowing money, consarn it!!

It was pure political posturing. Council’s stand will have no effect upon the bill’s prospects. If it passes, expect council members to wring their hands over the federal budget deficit…and take the money. They should have just ignored the request, and passed on the opportunity to score meaningless political points.

As Susan Greene’s column in Sunday’s Denver Post shows, it has made it a lot easier for our enemies and rivals to paint city elected officials as clueless, unfeeling hypocrites, who care nothing for the less fortunate members of the community.

And Greene’s not exactly a looney lib’rul. She’s an experienced, competent journalist, a finalist for the Pulitzer last year. She’s a lot more credible than, say, David Sirota.

Uncharacteristically, Mayor Lionel Rivera won the ‘foot – in – mouth’ prize. Here’s what he told Greene.

“Some people want a homeless life,” counters Rivera, a financial adviser. “Some people, they really do.”

Homelessness: the 2010 lifestyle choice!

My suggestion to our august elected officials: remember Nancy Reagan’s famous adage “just say no”? Don’t say no, or yes, or anything at all.

Just shut up.

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5 Comments For This Post

  1. RB Says:

    I have to admit that while I agree with the council on this one, I also have to agree with Mr. Hazelhurst. The council would have been better served not making a statement, or taking a vote on this issue. Their oppinion will make no difference in the big picture, and can do nothing but load the guns of our adversaries. We in Colorado Springs or any other small to mid size town can not stop the Feds from doing what they will at this point (although that was the way it was supposed to work).

  2. Like it'll matter ..... Says:

    ….. some people DO want/prefer a homeless life.
    ………. i’ve rented them.
    … no, ..really.

  3. Jim Speer Says:

    Our Ratty City
    I grew up in this town and can remember when the center parkings on our beautiful Avenues were hand irrigated–flooded routinely to keep them attractive and inviting.

    We have since learned more efficient ways of watering, but now we can’t even afford these efficiencies. In order to save enough money for the price of a dinner out, the anti-tax, anti-government conservatives in this town failed to pass the small tax rise last Fall so that we can earn the accolades for the “grandest, proudest ratty city in America.”

    It makes me sick . . . and of course, I am only talking about some of the most visible effects of that vote. What conservatives do not understand is the “public good.” They have succeeded in convincing themselves and a good percentage of our population–here and nationally– that the public good is socialism. It is not only an abismal misunderstanding of socialism, it is a black mark on our heritage as a city. A city which from its earliest days under the leadership of individuals like General Palmer, understood the importance of the public good.

  4. Marek Says:

    Yes, John….Just shut up. That applies to you. Why don’t you move into Elena Kagan’s home. You don’t approve of free speech either.

  5. captain Says:

    Marek, just dissapear. you don’t deserve to be on thsese thougtfull pages.