Where in the world is Douglas Bruce?

Wed, May 19, 2010


Big props to the G’s Eileen Welsome for her account of Doug Bruce’s success in dodging no less than 23 attempts to subpoena him to appear in a Denver courtroom next week.

It’s hard not to feel a certain sympathy for the ol’ Dougster – after all, who among us has not been served with a legal document of some kind that held nothing but trouble? And who among us would enjoy driving up to Denver on a beautiful spring day, only to sit in court and be accused of all kinds of wrongdoing? Not I, and apparently not the Dougster either.

But stern and unjust as the law may seem, it’s our duty to assist law enforcement (and wherever possible, process servers!).

In that spirit, I asked some of our leaders a simple question; where’s the Dougster? In the spirit of Crimestoppers, respondents were allowed to remain anonymous.

-From a senior city official: forming a consulting company with Penny Culbreth-Graft

-From a Denver lobbyist: Hiding in the basement of the Independence Institute.

-From a prominent Democrat: Growing a mustache so he can pass for an earlier version of Scot McInnis.

-From a policy analyst: Hiding in the wilderness, eating the elk meat that Scot McInnis gave him.

-From a local attorney: In the federal witness protection program.

-From a land developer: Hanging out with Ray Marshall in Breckenridge.

-From a bartender: I don’t think that he’s been in here.

Not sure that we have any good leads here…any ideas?

Best lead qualifies for a reward; a drink on yours truly at The Famous this Friday at 5:30!

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3 Comments For This Post

  1. Rick Wehner Says:

    In Wasilla taking lessons in public speaking from Sarah.

  2. Glen Meyers Says:

    Perhaps he’s sneaked into Broncos training camp to hone his considerable kicking skills.

  3. Ken Says:

    In washington drinking the KOOLAID and trying to repent for his wrong doings. Ill be there at 5:30 to collect my drink