Council members plan to ditch Mayor’s speech

Wed, Jun 16, 2010


As Eddie Cochran once sang “There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.”

The blues may be affecting at least two council members, who plan to skip Mayor Rivera’s June 30 “State of the City” address.

In an e-mail to chamber president Dave Csintyan, vice Mayor Larry Small not-so-regretfully said he wouldn’t attend.

“It has come to my attention that the city has purchased two tables for the lunch for Council members and City staff at a cost of $350 per table,” Small wrote. “I appreciate that this is an important event for the Chamber, but considering the City’s financial condition and the cuts to staff and services we have had to make I cannot support the use of tax dollars for this event. I am sure we all know everything the Mayor will be saying. I will therefore not attend.”

Meanwhile, council member Sean Paige is sponsoring his own “state of the city” event.

In a Sunday e-mail, Paige explained why he won’t participate in the official event.

“Mayor Lionel Rivera delivers his annual State of the City Address on June 30, but that’s just another opportunity for political posturing and rhetoric. An alternative State of the City report – one reflected in an actual survey of Colorado Springs residents – will be issued and discussed by a panel of local experts at the next Food For Thought Luncheon, Thursday, June 24, at the Cheyenne Mountain Resort, hosted in partnership with Leadership Pikes Peak and Cheyenne Mountain Civic Solutions.

The mayor’s perspective on the city may be interesting, but far more relevant, from my point of view, is how average residents think things are going…”

With less than a year to go in his term, the Mayor’s a lame duck.

And to explain his status, here’s Rodney Dangerfield.

“No respect, no respect. I get no respect at all!!”

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