The return of streetlights and watered parks?

Thu, Jun 17, 2010


City Council is scheduled to receive an updated sales tax revenue forecast Monday.

Given trends so far, we can expect that the forecast will be far rosier than the doomsday scenarios put forth last fall by former city manager Penny Culbreth-Graft, which prompted the city to turn off streetlights, take trash cans out of parks and severely restrict watering some city lawns.

Council has taken a lot of heat for these decisions, which some have seen as perverse, misguided and deliberately punitive.

But if revenue has turned the corner, why not restore the trash cans, open the swimming pools, and water the parks? The aggregate cost of such measures wouldn’t put the city at risk, but doing so would go a long way to repair our city’s national image, not to mention making all of our lives a little better.

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