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Pam Shockley-Zalabak for mayor?

30. July 2010

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Today’s Business Journal features a story about the mayor’s race. We list the candidates, announced and unannounced, and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and list their campaign themes. We omitted UCCS Chancellor Pam Shockley-Zalabak from the list, because it appears highly improbabable that she would leave her present position for four years of ill-paid hurly-burly […]

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Tancredo enters the gubernatorial race

26. July 2010

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Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory used to be the preferred strategy of Democrats, while those calculating, cold-hearted, practical Republicans concentrated on winning. A few years back, when I was a candidate for “weak mayor”, I was regaling then state Sen. Ken Chlouber with my visionary ideas. Ken listened for a while and then […]

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A grim new world awaits

22. July 2010

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“We’re just another country,” said a San Francisco venture capitalist at an amiable gathering of his peers last week. “As long as ours is the reserve currency we have an advantage,” he said, “but that won’t last forever.” So what does the future hold? His guess: permanently high unemployment, a stagnant economy, an unsettled political […]

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McInnis: ‘We’ve moved on’ from plagiarism

21. July 2010

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There’s nothing quite as dispiriting as a political campaign gone bad. Staff members jump ship, support evaporates and the candidate has to soldier on and pretend that everything’s just hunky-dory. To make matters worse, the media just won’t let it (whatever “it” is) go. They ask the same pesky questions, they roll their eyes, they […]

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The McInnis mess – part II

15. July 2010


Political scandals such as this one have a predictable arc. The candidate/elected official/senior appointed official is caught red-handed in behavior so questionable that denials are futile.  Loyal spinmeisters blame the press, or focus on some minor detail of the alleged transgression that can be effectively disputed, thereby (they hope!) discrediting the rest of the accusations. […]

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McInnis goes down

14. July 2010


Sequence of events: 1. Former congressman Scott McInnis gets a $300,000 “fellowship” from the Hasan Foundation, an outfit funded by a wealthy Colorado family who also happen to be major donors to republican candidates. 2. To “earn” the 300 grand, McInnis agrees to write a series of essays on Colorado water issues. 3. McInnis takes […]

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County press release toes party line

12. July 2010


Here’s the text, in its entirety, of an El Paso County press release sent Friday afternoon. “Commissioners Encourage Citizens To Attend Upcoming Opportunity to Hear U.S. Senate Candidates on Jobs Trade and Economic Recovery Colorado Springs, July 9, 2010 – The Board of County Commissioners joins with the Greater Colorado Chamber of Commerce, the Colorado […]

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Tim Leigh quits race – who’s next?

6. July 2010

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Tim Leigh’s six – month candidacy for mayor seemed to reaffirm much of what is best about Colorado Springs. Here was a guy who came to the Springs from Grand Forks a quarter of a century ago. He fell in love with the city, raised a family, built a successful business, made many friends and […]

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Hizzoner states the state of the city

1. July 2010

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Events such as the mayor’s state of the city speech are, to a veteran event – attendee, comforting and familiar. Drive to the venue. Park. Make your way to the event room. Make sure you’re on the list. Get your table number. It’s 11:40 – so you have 20 minutes to schmooze. That’s the fun […]

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