County press release toes party line

Mon, Jul 12, 2010


Here’s the text, in its entirety, of an El Paso County press release sent Friday afternoon.

“Commissioners Encourage Citizens To Attend Upcoming Opportunity to Hear U.S. Senate Candidates on Jobs Trade and Economic Recovery

Colorado Springs, July 9, 2010 – The Board of County Commissioners joins with the Greater Colorado Chamber of Commerce, the Colorado Springs Regional Economic Development Corporation, the El Paso County Democrat and Republican parties and other business as well as local media organizations in urging residents to attend an upcoming forum featuring the Democrat and Republican candidates for United States Senate.

The forum is presented by the Coalition for a Prosperous America and will be held July 20, 2010 at the Stargazers Theater from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The theater is located at 10 South Parkside Drive in Colorado Springs. There will be a $10.00 cost for lunch.”

There is no “El Paso County Democrat party.” There are no “Democrat candidates.” The two phrases are partisan Republican constructs, used derogatorily to delegitimize and belittle the Democratic party.

If the press release had been issued by Republican headquarters, its sneering tone would have been perfectly appropriate. But this one comes from El Paso County, a governmental entity which is funded by taxes paid by Republicans, Democrats, and independents. Does this mean that the county has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the G.O.P.?

If so, that’s good news for some of us.

Democrats, Independents, Greens, Prohibitionists: you no longer have to pay county taxes!! The Republicans are taking care of everything…

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. H Willey Says:

    Are you whining over Democrat vs. Democratic? Or did you forget to check your facts again?

  2. jocko Says:

    Hey, they are invited that is the point. Just because the democrat party doesn’t think El Paso County deserves a local branch or no one chooses to run from the democrat party, this is still a republic and the opportunity for representation is still offered. I think it is perfectly legitimate.

    On the other hand, hasn’t everyone had enough of the fascist progressive democrats in this country already?

  3. Green Flash Says:

    Sheesh. Let’s make mountains out of mole hills, huh John. What’s with the attitude? Or is this just a pick-up from those long-ago Indy days?

  4. Preston Murray Says:

    @jocko – What is a “fascist progressive democrat?” it’s an interesting rhetorical phrase…or maybe a historical phrase….no, mostly it’s just a hysterical phrase.

    John, your comment….
    “There is no ‘El Paso County Democrat party.’ There are no ‘Democrat candidates.’ The two phrases are partisan Republican constructs, used derogatorily to delegitimize and belittle the Democratic party.”
    Ouch, we all get it. You are not totally correct, however, since there are a lot of moderates, who are also Democrats, in Colorado Springs, who want their parks, lights, police and city reputation back.
    On Wednesday, July 21st, candidates running for statewide offices will be at the TreLuna Downtown Event Center. Come and welcome the new governor-John Hickenlooper, Secretary of State-Bernie Buescher, Attorney General- Stan Garnett and next CU Regent Melissa Hart. And, Democrats running FOR the City Council, instead of FROM….
    Jan Martin endorsed Michael Bennet? It’s the person, not the label. Seems as though the trend is that Democrats challenge with ideas while Republicans argue with phrases. Like “fascist progressive democrats”.
    Keep up the good work, John…:+}

  5. H Willey Says:

    There is an El Paso Country Democratic Party. Romanoff is coming to the event and Sleazy Senator Bennet has been invited.

    John – remember when journalists were supposed to be unbiased and believed in checking facts?

  6. JVG Says:

    For crying out loud… you all are acting like a bunch of whiny kids that don’t get their way.

    Democrats typically like to call anyone who disagrees with them derogatory names in an effort to silence their opposition instead of debating them.

    Republicans tend to also ignore common sense and make remarks that borderline on stupidity as well.

    All are guilty of questionable behavior.

    Hazelhurst, we know that you are a liberal and anything Republican is troublesome to you, so this article is not only typical, it is reprehensible and just as guilty of the perceived bias that you blame the county for. Was the press release biased? I guess it depends on how far (extreme) to the left or right one is when it comes to their politics. I think that it can be interpreted in both ways depending on your bias and your mood!

    Preston – you are guilty of bias as well with your pre-conceived notions of victory for Hickenlooper (the man is not the greatest of leaders… look at his record) AND the obvious and negligent oversight of Democratic euphemisms for Republicans. Your comment, “Seems as though the trend is that Democrats challenge with ideas while Republicans argue with phrases. Like “fascist progressive democrats”.”, is so off base and is akin to the Pot calling the Kettle Black. In case you forgot, the following terms:

    -Right-wing extremist (Hillary is great for using this).
    -Tea-bagger (what Democrats like to call people in the Tea Party).
    -Racist (what Democrats like to call anyone who disagrees with Obama nd his agenda).

    All of which are used to try to silence and discredit Republican opposition to Democrat agenda(s)/policies or in your words “ideas”.

    Obviously, the term “moderate” is more of a comfortable phrase for you to wrap yourself in so that you are not labeled as a fascist democrat (probably a result of the fact that our current president is doing a very questionable job and likely will be labeled a terrible president by historians in the future).

    My guess is you were at one time a proud Democrat (and not a moderate). I used to be a Democrat as well– that is until I educated myself and realized that the Democrat Party that John F. Kennedy led, has succumbed to the more socialist/communist ideals that Kennedy fought against. The Democratic Party of JFK is now the Socialist Democratic party that today, does not want to help the people, they want to enslave them (through ignorance, welfare, and social programs that do little to educate people).

    I am one of the more moderate, Republican moderates in Colorado Springs (and yes, I know I am going to be called many other things upon publication of this reply). Fiscal conservatism and social equality are valuable ideals, but not if they are done carelessly and without thought. I believe in liberal causes through conservative means so that changes (that will eventually come) are done in a manner that is both thoughtful and responsible for people and budgets.

    Unfortunately, no one here can see past their own agenda, including you John (CSBJ still does not offer an opposing column), and instead of providing solutions that we can all live with, everyone is left bickering and fighting over decisions that are made, many of which are not satisfactory to anyone.

    So quit whining, start working together, and remember that we all live together in this community. So let us come together to discuss and find solutions to problems that we all can live with.

    I believe that in the end, we all want a better life for our children and grandchildren, and to leave the world in a better state than when we arrived on it. Obviously, America, has been the catalyst for this change and continues to lead the world in this regard. However, we have to remember that local communities and its people can only influence change when working together to achieve the desired results.

    Best wishes to you all (and yes, I sincerely mean it)!