The McInnis mess – part II

Thu, Jul 15, 2010


Political scandals such as this one have a predictable arc.

The candidate/elected official/senior appointed official is caught red-handed in behavior so questionable that denials are futile.  Loyal spinmeisters blame the press, or focus on some minor detail of the alleged transgression that can be effectively disputed, thereby (they hope!) discrediting the rest of the accusations.

If the candidate is photographed downing champagne with a trio of unclothed lovelies in a campaign donor’s hot tub, his staff will point out that he wasn’t drinking champagne, but ginger ale!

But it doesn’t matter – the public is still focused on the women.

Ardent supporters and campaign staff, so focused on defending and supporting their guy, remain in denial.

“I never had sex with that woman!”  “The American people need to know that their President is not a crook!” “The Governor was hiking on the Appalachian Trail!”

But you can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube.

For Republicans, this is a nightmare scenario.  With reapportionment looming, having a Republican governor, and maybe one house of the legislature back under Republican control would protect the party from a skilful Democratic gerrymander.

Instead, McInnis’ foibles may have delegitimized and disgraced not only him personally, but also deserving GOP downballot candidates. John Suthers, once a lock to win a second term as Attorney General, may be in trouble, along with House and Senate candidates in swing districts across the state.

Thanks a lot, Scott…

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Michael Says:


    I’m not a McGinnis fan whatsoever, but this thing is a non-event. In thirty days no one will remember. Too many bigger issues out there. You’ve been around long enough to know that.

  2. Rick Wehner Says:

    Great job creation opportunity here. Open up a manufacturing plant in one of the vacated buildings to fabricate red and blue luggage carts for politicians to load their ‘baggage’ on at election time. Include a free scanner with each purchase. Offer really big over-sized shocks and tires for those who have been in office before.

    Should be enough business to run three full shifts a day seven days a week. (Cash only for county folk).