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Sean Paige, Mike Kazmierski and High School Confidential!

31. August 2010


Remember high school? Remember the cliques, the jealousies, the maneuvering to become one of the popular kids, the incredible nastiness over trivia? Remember how distressing it was when two or three of your friends got into a particularly nasty fight, and all of them demanded that you take their side? Remember wishing that your parents […]

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Utilities employee wins World Series of Poker

26. August 2010

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Suppose you’re at the final table in the World Series of Poker. Play has gone on for hours, and it’s just you and another guy at the table. The pots aren’t six figures, or seven figures – they’re eight figures. You’re holding your own, and you see that your opponent is tired and distracted. His […]

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Tonight: Debates, dispensaries and the demon weed

18. August 2010


For free entertainment, head for the downtown library to listen to Sean Paige, Tom Gallagher, Mark Waller, and Dan May square off in passionate debate at 7:00 p.m. The subject:Marijuana dispensaries. Will there be tendentious position-defining? Meaningless posturing? Bewildered, clueless politicians and/or law enforcement officials? A packed house, thanks to folks with a dog in […]

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The Primary is over, now the fun begins

11. August 2010


Thanks to would-be Sheriff Jake Shirk, I narrowly missed a perfect primary prediction record. Had I picked Shirk, I would have made a perfect zero – but even the best prognosticators sometimes fall short. Forced to choose between two experienced, intelligent, and eminently well-qualified candidates, Democrats went with Michael Bennet. The incumbent Senator has the […]

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My primary predictions

10. August 2010

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Here are my picks to win the today’s primary election – and you can put your money on them!  I won’t, because I know my limits as a prognosticator. Romanoff v. Bennet Polls, power and cash flow all say Bennet – so I’m going with Romanoff.  While in the legislature, Romanoff attended every dreary Dem […]

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