The Primary is over, now the fun begins

Wed, Aug 11, 2010


Thanks to would-be Sheriff Jake Shirk, I narrowly missed a perfect primary prediction record. Had I picked Shirk, I would have made a perfect zero – but even the best prognosticators sometimes fall short.

Forced to choose between two experienced, intelligent, and eminently well-qualified candidates, Democrats went with Michael Bennet. The incumbent Senator has the smarts, the money and all the advantages of incumbency, but does he have an instinct for the kill?

If we’ve learned one thing about Ken Buck, it’s that he’s a formidable and tireless campaigner, as well as a tough guy. Colorado’s political graveyards are littered with the bones of well-qualified candidates who were trounced by tough guys.

Will Bennet go after Buck immediately, and never let up – or will he let his opponent dictate the tone, rhythm and content of the campaign, as he did in the primary? In a barroom brawl, start with a sucker punch.

Dan Maes ought to be tossing bouquets to local Republicans. He barely slipped by Scott McInnis statewide, tallying 196,560 votes to his opponent’s 191,209, with El Paso County providing the margin of victory. Our very own GOPsters rallied to the Maes cause, giving him 31,108 to McInnis’ 24,607. Maes EPC margin: 6,501. Statewide: 5,351. Dan, how ‘bout a good Colorado Springs Republican as your running mate – maybe Douglas Bruce?

Given a choice, Michael Bennet might have chosen to face Ken Buck, rather than Jane Norton. Buck is easier to demonize as an out-of-touch radical, but perhaps the voters are ready to elect a few out-of-touch radicals. Buck can win this one, but can he raise the money he’ll need to launch and sustain a multi-million dollar campaign?

Bennet’s a formidable fundraiser, and the national Dems are certain to pour money into Colorado. It may be that Republican money sources will just dry up, unless Buck can seize some early momentum.

And a last thought: how long will it take for Dam Maes to jump on a bike, and pedal a few miles for the cameras, just to show the voters that he doesn’t really believe that cyclists are the unwitting tools of a sinister United Nations conspiracy?

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4 Comments For This Post

  1. H Willey Says:

    Michael Bennet is a corrupt moron. I know you were too busy lambasting GOP candidates for their slip-ups to notice that Michael Bennet had an intern quote precise monetary values to sell the Senator’s time – something that many in Colorado have suspected and something the Denver Post is investigating.

    Seriously John – I know you think the DNC candidates are about as perfect as they come but you’re clear bias and blindness to Bennet’s moronic tendencies gives everyone with more than 15 brain cells the impression that you have no clue about the real world. It appears you’re an out-of-touch loony liberal who thinks that 70% tax rates across the board are a good thing.

    Maybe the next time you hear people whining about the fall of journalism you’ll respond with “Well, as long as I’m allowed to be as biased as I want to be I don’t care if newspapers fail. I don’t think I should have to check or report facts either.”

  2. Liam Says:

    Typo, or did you really mean “damn” Maes?

  3. Rick Wehner Says:


    I matched your batting average on predictions. Maybe we just become economists. My college professor stated his was the only job he knew of where he could make a decent salary being wrong most of the time.

    The key question seems to be when are we going to have people in office attacking the real issue of government having grown to the point we can no longer afford it? Looks as if some serious re-thinking, reconsidering and re-structuring for all of us is going to be required on what we ask of government and how much we are going to ask our grandchildren to pay.

    The margin of support from within EPC was certainly interesting.

  4. Liam Says:

    The headline in the Denver Post this morning says “Maes greeted by silence from the GOP.” Apparently, McGinnis and Wadhams are the only ones who publicly congratulated Maes on his unlikely victory. The rest of the GOP appears angry that Maes actually won and don’t plan to come together to support his campaign against the Hickmeister! What a great display of party unity, huh? The GOP always eats its own; while Maes is the officially the duly elected GOP gubernatorial candidate, the rest of the GOP (inside and outside of CO) is apparently now trying to figure out how to get him to step aside so they can draft a “real” candidate (like a wealthy Realtor… heck – who cares if he’s qualified, as long as he’s got cash!) to run against Hick instead – or they’ll threaten to rally behind Tancredo!

    Wow! You just can’t make this stuff up! The entertainment value alone of this primary is priceless. And before anyone goes off on me, I am a registered GOP (who is completely disgusted with my party and its strategy to take back the state of CO). I hope Maes pulls off the biggest upset, just to see which GOPsters will come crawling back to him.