Obama goes all medieval on us!

Wed, Sep 8, 2010


It appears that President Obama  has finally abandoned his cerebral, even professorial affect and has become once again a canny and combative politician.  Good on ya, Mr. President!  Way to man-up!

Journalists are professionally neutral (more or less).  We try to not to root for one side or another, but we appreciate a good fight.  That’s why Tom Tancredo, Sean Paige and Ken Buck get generally favorable coverage – they know how to throw a punch, and they expect to get punched in return.  That’s why we admired George W., Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan.  And that’s why we love Sarah Palin, despite her amiable “refudiation” of the mainstream media.

Back in 2007, we thought that Obama was just as tough and scrappy as any politician.  He’s from Chicago!  He got elected to the Senate from Illinois!  With a name like Barack Obama!

And then he became POTUS, and disappeared into a cloud of suits, financiers, stimuli, health care policy zombies and old-school lib’ruls.

Where’s the real Barack?  Where’s the down and dirty Illinois politician, the Sugar Ray Robinson of modern American politics? Where’s the guy who could slip a punch and floor his opponent with a devastating counter?

Maybe he’s back.  Maybe he’s figured out that he can salvage some of the looming mid-term disaster by using the oldest political trick of all: tax cuts!!!

Cut taxes sharply for everyone making less than, say, $200,000 and soak those who make $800,000 or more. Make the cuts effective right now, so all of us will see their impact in our paychecks.  Put the Gopsters in an impossible position … maybe!

And Mr. President, as the informal representative of the journalism profession, I can tell you that we would look with favor upon such a policy initiative – because none of us make more than $200k.

Not that our voices are for sale or anything.


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  1. O'Kelly Says:

    Are you kidding me? Not only is the media far from neutral (more or less) anymore, they are generally so far left they do not even realize there is a right (present company and a few other media personalities that the general press would like to silence excepted of course). I think this POTUS may have finally awakened the voting public and we may see voting numbers that rival normal presidential election year numbers (which are pitifully low but getting better). I certainly hope we do. The American voters have been pushing the snooze button for far too long, it is time to get your behind out of bed and get to work! Go vote America, and do your own analysis, do not let your entertainment host tell you how you should be voting. Find out where the candidates stand and vote for one that will represent you. Look at their records, do not let them tell you lies, and give you empty promises. Hold them accountable every time an election comes around!