Election night – and where are the parties?

Mon, Nov 1, 2010


One day to go, and the thoughts of political junkies turn to one thing: where are the parties?

And no, I don’t mean political parties – I mean election-night bashes.

By now, the elections are over. Your favorites have already won or lost, with perhaps one exception.

In the U.S. Senate race, both the Bennet and Buck campaigns are warning supporters that the contest may be decided by a few hundred, or even a few dozen votes. Don’t know about the Repubs, but local Dems are buying into it. This morning at Democratic headquarters, a couple of dozen volunteers were already working the phones, waiting for Senator Bennet to show up and rally the troops.

We’ll see – after $40 million of spending on the campaign, I imagine that both candidates are sorry that they didn’t just split the cash, and recommend a write-in vote for Dan Maes.

“Drivin’ Dan” will hit the road one last time tomorrow, and head on down to the Colorado Mountain Brewery here in Colorado Springs, where he’ll hold forth to media and a few die-hard supporters. Say one thing for Mr. Maes – he’s hung in there, despite being demonized and rejected by every Republican officeholder, candidate, fundraiser, and, if the polls are any guide, by most of the Republican rank & file.

Mainstream Republicans (i.e., those who support Tom Tancredo, the candidate of the American Constitutionalist Party) will be partying at a nighclub on North Academy, Copperhead Road. It’s owned by the folks who created Eden, a now-closed downtown club. Like its predecessor, it’s a noisy club that caters to hard – partying, scantily dressed young ‘uns. Don’t know whether that’s a good guide to the festivities tomorrow night, although sobersided Gopsters may have occasion to celebrate.

Democrats will be downtown at the brand-new Italian eatery/drinkery on Pikes Peak Avenue (Il Postino), while strong mayor advocates will spend the evening in the dignified surroundings of Nosh, located on the ground floor of the Plaza of the Rockies building.

My plans? Start with the strong mayor folks (I assume that Nosh will have its usual happy hour pricing), walk two blocks north to the Democrats, think about driving up Academy to the Republicans, think about driving even further to Maes, walk back to Nosh, get quotes, go to the office, file hard-hitting story…on second thought, it’ll be even more hard-hitting Wednesday morning.

Go home, play with dog, and thank whatever beneficent deity created such an entertaining election season…on to April, and the city elections!

My strong mayor candidate? Drivin’ Dan the law enforcement man!

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