Petition urges commissioners to revisit term limits extension

Mon, Nov 15, 2010


The indefatigable Rick Wehner, who is one of many disgruntled citizens unhappy about the apparently deceptive wording of the Nov. 2 ballot measure which loosened term limits for county elected officials, has decided to do something about it.

Wehner is circulating an online petition asking that the measure  “…which was originally worded in an obtuse manner, be again placed on the November 2011 ballot with clear and explicit wording that voters are being asked to extend the number of terms served by commissioners from two terms to three terms.”

If you’d like to add your name to the petition, which will be presented to the commissioners at some future date, go to

The commissioners, of course, are under no obligation to pay any attention to the petition, even if signed by every resident of El Paso County. The likelyhood of their doing so is further reduced by the simple fact that every incumbent, newly elected or not, stands to benefit from extended term limits.

Folks, this is a job that pays $87,300 annually, plus bennies, and all you have to do is be a big shot, wander around town, go to meetings, and get invited to events. Such a deal!!

So why shoot yourselves in the foot?  After all, the voters have short memories…

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  1. Rick Wehner Says:

    The big question, paraphrasing one of our local elected officials:

    ” – – can we just Move On and get past this?”