Term limit extension: Commissioners 1, Democracy 0?

Thu, Nov 18, 2010


Let me see if I understand this: The County Commissioners, having been caught with their hands in the term limit cookie jar, are trying to make everything all right by nullifying the results of the vote extending those limits.

Only in Colorado Springs!!!

I think I share with my fellow residents a certain limited understanding of democracy in our flawed but cheerful Republic.

Voting matters. Outcomes determined by votes matter. Elected officials don’t get to cover their suddenly-exposed rear ends by arbitrarily nullifying results that embarrass them.

Commissioners, County Attorney: if you want to overturn the results, you have to ask the voters to do it. The people are sovereign, not you. Too bad that it’s inconvenient, expensive, and makes all of you look like, well, rural county commissioners in a particularly backward southern county state circa 1951.

Wasn’t this an episode in Hee-Haw?

Democracy 101. It’s what we learned in elementary school.

Still, I guess that I should be delighted by this particular display of idiocy. For one thing, it raises the bar for future elected officials to an impossible high level. Betty Beedy, Charlie Duke, Doug Bruce; you’ve been toppled from your high perch!

Regardless of your failings, you never seriously suggested that you had the power to nullify elections, and rule by decree. How unimaginative, how uninspired of you – it never occurred to you that the commission could be a five-headed monarch, able to dispose of the inconveniences of elections with a stroke of the pen!

Roll on, O mighty ones! Next step: Declare Scott McInnis our new governor! He might have won after all, if the ballot had been differently worded – and he hasn’t grown a new mustache. Governor McInnis: tanned, rested, and ready…

CSBJ Poll: Should El Paso County Commissioners be able to use a resolution to overturn their term-limit extension that voters approved on Nov. 2? Click here to vote.

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  1. Dave Hughes Says:

    Lets get past the issue of whether the ballot item was deceiving – it was.

    The REAL issue about the El Paso County Government is the fact that it has been THIRTY-FIVE YEARS since the last Democratic Commissioner held office.

    As has been said and is still true “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts, absolutley.” Perpetual one party rule ANYWHERE is bad government.

    Even though I am a registered Republican, I voted for Democrat Merrifield to be a Commissioner. Why? Because there is not a SINGLE whistle blower on the Board of County Commissioner, (or any OTHER elected County office either)

    Whether the deceptive language on the Ballot was INTENIONALLY skewed by Republican office holders or was simply from incompetance by those charged with reviewing the PRACTICAL effect of the language on ordinary voters already burdened by a huge number of ballot issues, its real effect is to perpetuate 12 MORE years of one-party Rule.

    El Paso County is not above corruption. Remember when the County Pension Manager stole money and went to jail. And the Republican County Treasurer, charged with overseeing the Pension fund and its management got caught borrowing, privately, money from that manager, and she had to bow out.

    Maybe its time for a registered Independent to run for Commissioner. Last time I checked there are enough registered, to carry the load.