Let’s rename the USOC

Wed, Nov 24, 2010


The “United States Olympic Committee.” Colorado Springs, home of the United States Olympic Committee!

What image, do you think, do those words evoke in the minds of our fellow Americans?

Committees are generally seen as groups of middle-aged men in suits, sitting around conference tables, and discussing Very Important Things. Committees are not tourist attractions, nor are they particularly interesting to anyone except their members, and the poor saps who may be affected by their actions (or, more likely, their inactions!).

Think of a few national icons, and imagine them as committees.

The Empire State Building Committee.

The Washington Monument Committee.

The Yellowstone Committee.

Would you take a trip to Denver to see the NFL Committee, or to see the Broncos play?

Or what about Pikes Peak, America’s Committee?

The problem is obvious – and so is the solution.

Change the name pf the organization! No more fusty, middle-aged, bureaucratic, and boring USOC.

Let’s call it “America’s Olympic Team.”

No more USOC, no more “Olympic Training Center” (a name which also has its problems. What does training make you think of? Training bras? Spring training? Training camp? Dog training? Those are not good community brands!).

From now on, visitors will expect to see world-class athletes, not besuited bureaucrats.

And if they don’t? If they just see a nondescript downtown office building instead?

At least they came to town.


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  1. lisa czelatdko Says:

    Colorado Springs could be known as the place of athletes and heroes. We have both. I imagine walking into COS airport and seeing the American flag, a wall mural of scenes of athletes and patriotism everywhere. What about a full life size sculpture of a male soldier being embraced by his children? Then that same feeling as I drive out of there and head to the City. I want to be downtown and see banners flying on street poles, reflections of my smile off the gold plaques on the many gorgeous buildings displaying their historical status,art everywhere I turn,and young and old people pushing me along the sidewalks as I casually decide at which great restaurant I want to eat at or retailer to drop some money on. People who live here need to imagine the City they want and then we all need to work to get it that way. Lisa