Strong-mayor race: Old politics vs. new politics

Mon, Dec 20, 2010


Old politics: You decide to run for something; you line up a few supporters; you announce your candidacy, and you run.

New politics: You coyly suggest that you might run; you huddle with potential supporters; you commission a poll; you tell some people you’re in the race; you tell others you’re not, you feed the rumor mill and then…poof! You appear in a cloud of smoke and announce…that you’ll soon announce!

Richard Skorman and Steve Bach are following this now-conventional script. Will they? Won’t they? Yes they will! They’re going all the way! But we’ll have to wait.

Bach’s candidacy will be officially unveiled at UCCS on Jan. 5, according to an e-mail from Laura Carno, the campaign’s “chief of staff.” Here are some predictions about the event.

  • The candidate will wear a nicely cut, charcoal-gray suit.
  • He will speak. The speech will contain the words “business”, “growth”, “future” , “education” and “prosperity “, and the phrases “building tomorrow”, “working together”, “restoring trust”, “running the city like a business”, and “running a positive campaign.”
  • He will be surrounded by supporters. The candidate will make sure that minorities and women are prominently featured, hopefully eclipsing the middle-aged and/or slightly elderly men who will also be wearing dark suits.

And even though the campaign has yet to start, it’s time for a retraction from the media.

Reacting to my tongue-in-cheek suggestion that he garage his Porsche Carrera, Steve Bach e-mailed me saying he owns no such beast. My apologies! But if you win, let me suggest that what’s inappropriate for a candidate might be great for a mayor…maybe not the Carrera, but a vintage Ferrari.

I’d recommend a 1981 512 Berlinetta Boxer, a rare and beautiful car that can reach 188 mph. Now that’d give credibility to your yet-to-be stated pledge to get the city moving again!

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Rick Wehner Says:

    - – – and of course, the third sentence shall contain something along the lines: “I want to GIVE BACK to my community” – we need to concentrate on: “building collaborative partnerships” while at the time engaging the public in “dialoging”, “visioning” and all manner of other words that now are verbs that once were nouns.

    Should there not be a definitive requirement that all mayoral candidates have available as a handout a complete list of goals to be achieved (with a timetable), a breakdown of the budget as he/she envisions it for 2012, and a position statement on how best to achieve the ‘regionalism’ talked about for the past 8 years and how best to consolidate what are still a high number of duplicated supervisory and administrative positions between the city and the county?

    A separate mandatory requirement should be a step by step plan on how a candidate will address the matter of gaining public support to fund the necessary repairs to a backlog of infrastructure needs.

    The list of girlfriends in Argentina might be optional.

  2. John Hazlehurst Says:

    Rick, I very much doubt that any of our candidates have girlfriends in Argentina. Their horizons may be more limited-maybe Fountain, Calhan, or Castle Rock!