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Lisa Czeladtko makes a canny move … maybe

7. January 2011


There’s nothing quite as fun as watching the transparent maneuvering of our local would-be politicos. Consider Lisa Czeladtko’s apparently bizarre decision to abandon her at-large bid for city council, and run instead for the District 3 seat. At first glance, it makes no sense. Czeladtko is a hard-working woman who has worked diligently to engage […]

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And now for the negative campaigning

6. January 2011

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As of 11:10 a.m. this morning, there were 11 declared candidates for City Council and 10 mayoral aspirants. For Council at Large: Merv Bennett, Tony Carpenter, Wade Exum, Tim Leigh, Dan Reifschneider and Brandy Williams. For Council District 2: Larry Bagley, Angela Dougan, and Michael Terry. For Council District 3: Lisa Czeladtko, Michael Merrifield. For […]

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The mayoral candidates and their homes

4. January 2011


How much is your house worth? According to the County Assessor, my rickety 1898 Westside Victorian is worth $341,000 which, given its many problems, may be wildly optimistic. Most of us have skin in the local real estate game – so how about our leading mayoral candidates? Where do they live? And how much are […]

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High-profile job openings but few applicants

3. January 2011


There are a few job openings in town. We’re talking about positions that include your very own private office with an actual window and the opportunity to sit in meetings and make decisions that effect every one of your fellow residents – or at least those with minor land-use issues. C’mon, step right up, don’t […]

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