Jennifer George: The right Republican and the right time?

Tue, Sep 4, 2012


For a change, the Republicans are taking the House District 18 race very seriously indeed. Given their razor-thin one vote margin in the house, any incumbent Democrat in a swing district is bound to be targeted, but this year they’re fighting fire with fire.

They know perfectly well that your typical gay-bashing, gun-toting, tea-partying ultraconservative Republican would have no shot in HD 18, which has been represented by Dems since Marcy Morrison vacated the seat for greener pastures 10 years ago.

They needed a smart, moderate Republican – and it looks as if they’ve found one in Jennifer George.

Judging by her bio and her campaign literature, she’s a lot closer to Hillary Clinton than Sarah Palin.

Gays? Guns? God? Mitt and Paul? Unmentioned in the attractive flyer which hit my mailbox on Saturday. Reading it, I learned that she’s for “smart government, strong communities and a free economy.” There’s a picture of her volunteering at Care & Share, another of her on the campaign trail, and a third of her attractive family (dog included).

She’s an attorney who’s served on the Goodwill Board of Directors, as chairwoman of the Fine Arts Center Board, as a classroom helper and has been “a carpooling lacrosse mom.”

This is no empty-headed “Broadmoor Barbie.” This is a smart, ambitious, accomplished woman, one who may have a real shot at taking out Rep. Pete Lee.

Two years ago, Lee easily beat Republican Karen Cullen, a protégé of County Commissioner Sallie Clark. Cullen ran a decent campaign, worked hard and appeared to be well-qualified for the job, but she didn’t perform well during debates and community events. Given Lee’s deep roots in the community and easy familiarity with the complex issues of state government, it was difficult for her to gain traction.

George won’t have this problem – and in a national election year, when aging, grumpy El Paso County Republicans flock to the polls like vultures to carrion, she may well prevail.

And if she wins, she’ll immediately exercise power. Imagine the GOP-ster power structure, suddenly dependent upon the support of a moderate to pass whatever loony bills they want to whoop through – it’s conservative’s nightmare!

George, you have to think, is too smart and too sensible to kowtow to the party’s lunatics…just like Marcy Morrison.

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  1. John Winston Says:

    I believe that “Broadmoor Barbie” is also a smart, ambitious, accomplished woman and mother. So what did she do to make you try to dumb her down? Tell you to keep those dirty old man hands to yourself? Your crabbiness is surely because of low testosterone, maybe you should go see a doctor. Watch out Jennifer, Johns on the prowl for another lovely lady to write about.